Friday, January 24, 2014

When It Rains Look For Rainbows When It's Dark Look For Stars

1. I got Monday off for MLK Day.  It was a nice, quiet, relaxing break.
2. Mr. Fireman was supposed to bring the 12 pack of Dr. Pepper I bought on Saturday home with him...he forgot & still hasn't gotten it yet because he's been working elsewhere.  I'm counting this as a happy because man are my taste buds happy (although also a crappy because I am usually so damn good about not drinking pop.)
3. I woke up Wednesday morning to see there is a fairly high chance of rain & ice Thursday night into Friday morning (I'm praying for a day off on Friday...)
4. I completed an application for Region 11 which basically sent that one application out to 11 different districts around DFW. (There's actually more than 11 districts in Region 11 I just didn't want to work at the rest of them...)
5. My new students are least so far.  I gave them a very simply assignment: define 10 vocab words, write a story using all of the vocab words, & then create a foldable for one of the words.  Not only did my kids do all of the work, they finished all of the work! For those that didn't finish they brought it home!  My last semester kids...maybe half would've finished & the other half wouldn't have even attempted it...

1. I realized I'm delusional & got my last 5k time way wrong...why in the world I thought it took me over 40 minutes I don't know...I got my official time & it was 37:10...15 whole seconds faster than my last one...
2. I got new students on Tuesday & during the intros the very first thing the very first kid said was "this is first period...I already hate your class" Not really a crappy cause not gonna lie don't really give a shit whether or not you're in love with my class or not cause you either suck it up, pass, & graduate or ya don't, don't, & don't.  It's less of a crappy & more of a random cause it's definitely not a happy...
3. I slept like crap Sunday & Monday night.
4. (I'm writing this at 5:30 on Thursday night) There are already 49 districts in the Houston area that are closed or delayed due to the ice storm that's coming tonight & lasting into tomorrow morning/early my district on there...NOOO

Friday Five
(5 of the last things I pinned to my LOL board on Pinterest)

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  1. Love the pictures at the end! Nice way of adding the cold weather (though miserable) to the happies part of your list!