Thursday, January 23, 2014

26 By 26

I'm already 1/4 of the way through the age of 25.  Time is flying by!!  Here's what I've accomplished in the last month of my life... (& a little bit of back track because apparently my December update wasn't complete)

7. Cook 12 New Pinterest Meals (14/12)
(Perhaps I should've aimed a little higher...)

**This actually should've been on my December update.  I made it for Mr. Fireman for taking me to the airport & watching my car again while gone.  I apparently forgot to take a picture of the one I made & I didn't personally try it but once I was back in MN I got a text from him saying "holy shit that cobbler is good!"

Seriously I don't know what happened to some of my pictures...this one also isn't mine.  On Christmas Day we had soups & appetizers as our meal & this is what I made.  these were so delicious.  I made a big batch because I have a big family but they were gone in 10 minutes.

It shouldn't be burnt like that.  My oven sucks & I just have to pay better attention when I'm cooking.  Despite the burnt cheese it was still good.

Crockpot Lasagna Soup
*It's's better when you add shredded cheese.  It's not gross or anything I've just definitely made more exciting things before.

First of all, I used mini m&m's not chocolate chips.  Second of all, I had dark brown sugar at my house not light brown.  It's good but it's so sweet (which is saying something for me).  Pretty sure it would taste better if you use light brown sugar too.

This clearly also isn't mine.  Where I come from pickles are a staple at every event...more so pickle wraps are.  I would make sure they were present at every single family gathering we ever had.  This is just a much easier way to eat them.

I live alone but I made the entire batch anyway & have just been microwaving the leftovers in the morning for breakfast.  Still as equally delicious.

I took the cheap & easy way out & used canned chicken that was on sale rather than buying fresh chicken.  It's good but it'd definitely be better if I had used fresh rather than canned.

#9. Go On A Date At Least Once A Month w/a New Guy
**Fail** This stopped being important to me.  Partly because I haven't been talking to any worthy guys online in quite awhile & partly because I just needed a break.  Oh, & Mr. Fireman & I have been hanging out a lot more in the past couple of months so there's that too...

13. Run at least 1 5K I've Yet To Run. (1/1)
On January 18th, I ran the ABB 5K which is part of the Chevron Houston Marathon.  You can read about it here.

14. Start a Mason Jar of Memories
*There's more in there now...and it's also become my change jar...*

17. Finish all of Friday Night Lights on Netflix
*I'm not watching Dawson's Creek & still trying to finish Breaking Bad (which is #16) w/Mr. Fireman...we're only on season 2 though.  Friday &/or Saturday we're going to knock more out.

20. Kiss someone on NYE
*Fail...I have been NYE kissless 4 years running now.
The only thing I had my mouth on at midnight was the awesome food that we got at the FREE buffet at the bar we were celebrating at.  For the record I ate a little bit of everything but didn't clean my plate.  Also, it was much better than any random kiss would've been lol.

#23. See At Least 3 Bands/Artists I've Never Seen Before In Concert (2/3)
*This also should've been on my December update*  On December 13th I saw Whiskey Myers.

On January 3rd I saw Granger Smith


  1. All this food has made me hungry. Yummy!

    1. Seriously, Pinterest is a God send!

  2. i just bookmarked that crockpot lasagna soup. YUM. thanks for sharing!

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