Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Yesterday I got to spend an awesome day with a college roommate drinking Caribou, shopping, & hanging out on the beach.
2. Speaking of Caribou, I will always love it more than Starbucks.
3. I finally have all of my outfits picked out for WeFest...1 week!
4. I miss the Fireman most when he texts me "goodnight Pocahontas"
5. 15 days from now I'll be back in Texas.
6. Even though I'm probably only going once this year, I'm excited the county fair starts tomorrow.
7. I will do whatever it takes to win VIP or Meet & Greet passes at WeFest this year...especially for Eric Church.
8. I am so in love with my long hair but I keep thinking about cutting it...
9. I found out yesterday that my college friends Kayla & Sonja will be in our friend Heather's wedding next fall...it kinda stung although I'm not sure why because Kayla & Sonja will be in mine but I hadn't considered asking Heather either...
10. The thought of my high school & college friends starting to get married when I'm on the opposite side of the country makes me sad because either I'm going to go broke with plane tickets or will have to pick & choose...


  1. Every time my hair has finally grown long I go to the hair stylist and tell him to cut it off. :)

  2. Are you and the fireman long distance? Because girl, I'm doing that too, and it's not fun. Although I do enjoy the sweet text messages! :)


    1. Well in like 2 weeks we won't be long distance. We only live like 20 minutes apart but I've been 1300 miles away in MN 4 out of the 8 weeks we've been together.