Wednesday, July 24, 2013

300 Days In

Completed (14)
1. Begin list of 101 Things To Do in 1001 Days
13. Visit 5 more states
16. Participate I Warrior Dash
24. Answer the 50 questions that will free your mind
25. Take at least 1 road trip
34. Own a pair of Justin boots
35. Go to 3 concerts
59. Run a 5K
50. Give up pop for a month
62. Leave a note in a book

63. Go a month without fast food
68. Participate in the Color Run
70. Give 100% Tip
80. Go skinny dipping

In Progress (18)
6. Complete 50 Book Challenge 2013
8. Complete A-Z Book Challenge
19. Create a monthly budget
35. Watch a new movie once a month
38. Have a student teaching meet-up once a year
39. Have a Social Studies Major meet-up once a year
45. Go to a rodeo once a year
50. Complete A-Z Movie Challenge
61. Blog weekly
67. Complete 5 Pinterest DIY board projects
69. Complete A-Z Travel Challenge
71. Read 5 Autobiographies
76. Get 1000 Twitter followers
86. Read all Nicholas Sparks books
88. Complete Texas Bucket List
90. Stop biting my nails
92. Have a college meet-up at least once a year
96. Complete the top 10 things to do in Houston

Failed (10)
2. Workout at least once a week
3. Complete Project 365 2013
5. Complete 50 Book Challenge 2012
9. Keep a hand written diary & write in it everyday for a year
30. Go to church at least once a month
32. Create weekly meal plans
36. Volunteer once a month
48. Drink 48 ounces of water daily
57. Have someone to kiss every year on NYE
85. Watch the sunrise weekly

**Confession: I really, REALLY, don't like the way that I decided to recap/update my list.  I know I could still change it to how I originally imagined it (a post for each one & a monthly recap) but I've already gotten almost halfway through the list without doing that so it's not going to happen.  So perhaps should I choose to do another 101 in 1001 (in July of 2015!!) I'll do it the way I imagined...until then we'll all just have to deal with this lame recap.

43 completed/started/failed ... 58 to still attempt.

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