Friday, February 1, 2013


Saturday January 26: Seriously I don't know what's wrong with me.  I have been getting such intense side pains when I run.  Perhaps it's because I took such a long break without running?!  Well I attempted it again.  I ran more than I did the last time around but I still walked a lot.  This side pain issue needs to yesterday.

Monday January 28: I restarted Insanity today.  It was only the fit test but it was still so hard.  My core feels good though!  I was craving the worst things ever on my drive home though.  All I wanted was McDonald's fries, BWW boneless wings, & a #22 from Whataburger.  Luckily I'm broke & basically only have healthy food left in my apartment so I "settled" for steamed vegetables & pot roast.

Tuesday January 29: Day 2 of Insanity.  I lasted longer than I did the first time around but there was still stuff I couldn't do.  I was pouring sweat though.

Wednesday January 30: I didn't stay after to do Insanity with 2 of the other girls. I really wasn't feeling well so I went home and napped for a little over an hour.  As promised I did Insanity at home so I could keep up.  I only did 20 min though instead of the 40.  I was feeling too weak to finish the other stuff in proper form.  20 min of cardio is better than 0 min!

Friday February 1: I skipped the recovery day yesterday.  I did do day 5 of Insanity today though!

Day 64:
Weight: 164.4 (down 2 lbs)
Body Fat Weight: 42.3 (down .8)
Body Fat Percentage: 25.8 (down .4)
Body Water Percentage: 54.1 (Up .3)
Bone Mass: 7.1 (same)
BMI: 23.8 (down .2)

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