Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stupid Boy

For the 2 of you that read my blog that actually know who I am, I am going to preface this with a confession.: I have been on & off dating websites since I was 20 years old.  However Becky, it is nothing like, because THAT is stupid.  Because I'm about to post someone's "About Me" section I'm going to leave which sites off.  I have talked to many guys from these sites & I've even met one (not for a date & I was never interested in dating him, we have a mutual friend, we're even still facebook friends to this day).  I have however never gone on a date with any of them?  Why?  Usually because once I talk to them more I decide I'm not all that interested in them.  Well a little while ago a guy messaged me.  He was cute so I read his profile.  Right away I should have just not responded because I knew long term it wouldn't work but I figured "hey, he's cute & new people are interesting"  So what did his profile say?

well well....the fun part...let's make it short and simple.

do's and don'ts..THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS!!

1. don't live more than an hr away.
2. have a car.
3. have SOME KIND of income. I'm not gonna be ur sugar daddy.
4. be ed-u-ma-ca-ted.
5. don't do drugs.
6. don't be a felon.
7. don't be super shy.
8. don't be a fake..OR a flake.
9. don't be a drama mamma or have immature anger issues.
10. like dogs.
11. plus if u like sushi.
12. BE HEALTHY. that doesn't mean look like a super model...just take care of ur body.
13. don't be a party animal and like to drink every night of the week.
14. be affectionate.
15. know the definition of space..and understand when it will apply.
16. know how to take a joke.
17. like tattoos...I have 5.
18. don't be overly own ur own cow..we for sure won't work.
19. DON'T BE NAIVE. a good example...a girl post pics of her on here in a swim suit...or half naked in some way...then complains that guys are sending her dirty messages...really dude??? lol
20. please don't be one of those girls that finds it nessacary to drunk dial. immature and stupid. that's it for my list for nothing picky..this stuff should be the basics and foundation of every MATURE female. I'll tell u more about me when the time comes..until then...happy fishing!! :)

ps. don't message me saying "hi".."hey"..."how are u"...stuff like that shows lack of effort and there for won't get a response. if u do message me worth something other than that...I can assure u that u will get a response. don't be afraid to message me!!! :) :)

Now out of these 20 I don't fit 3 & 2 are pretty damn important.  Which 3? #1, 11, & 18...I'll let you decide which 2 are important.

So I responded, to each of the 20 criteria.  I prefaced my message with I'll let you decide if you'll actually think we'll work or not & you can respond from there.  Despite my living an hour away, desperately wanting a cow, & hating sushi he responded saying he was now extremely interested.  So we messaged back & forth for awhile.  This weekend he messaged me his #.  Saturday afternoon while I was at the fair.  By Saturday evening it was done.  We talked all day joking & flirting.  At some point that night while I was at Billy Bob's he asked where exactly in Houston I lived.  I told him & he responded with something along the lines of damn.  I responded with something about me previously telling him I lived too far away & being too country for him.  He responded with well good luck on your search bye.

I know this shouldn't come as a big surprise considering the country part is the biggest factor & couldn't have been over looked in the long run.  But really dude?!  I told you straight up I lived over an hour away & came very close to owning my own cow this summer.  YOU chose to still respond.  YOU chose to continue message back & forth.  YOU chose to give me your number so we could talk even more.

Why are boys so stupid?!

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  1. unfortunately boys can be stupid but there ARE good ones out there- just keep lookin' i got lucky in life and ended up with a good one and before this one in my days of [young love] i had a really good one as well... and... he lives in TX! hehe ;) maybe you will snag him up ;) p.s. HAHAHAHAHA!