Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 20 - The Ones In Progress

It's another 10 days into my 101 challenge so here's an update:

I haven't finished nor have I failed any new tasks in the last 10 days so instead here's what I have in progress.

#2 Workout at least once a week. - I've been trying to take this one seriously for 2 reasons.  1. I don't want to fail & 2. I am doing the 5K color run in Feb & the 5K warrior dash in Mar so I need to start getting in shape.  I haven't been running yet but I've been doing power walking.  I found a 2 mile loop to do.  if you're on follow me bkmcclellan

#5 Complete 50 Book Challenge 2012 - Not gonna lie I am going to fail this one.  I haven't failed yet but it's inevitable.  I've only read 9 books this year which is pathetic... there's no way I'm reading 41 more in 76 days.  I don't have time to read a book every 1.5 days.

#8 Complete A-Z Book Challenge - B (Bleachers; Bend in the Road) C (Catching Fire) H (Hunger Games) L (Lies That Chelsea Told Me) M (Mockingjay) S (Secret Year; Soft Place To Land) V (Valley of the Dolls)

#19 Create a Monthly Budget - I really have no option.  Okay I suppose I do have an option but if I don't set aside money for all of my bills & put some into savings each month I'll be broke & homeless.

#35 Watch a New Movie Once A Month - October was Looper.  If you haven't seen it, don't.  It is a 2 hour long movie.  The second half-last third was good but it took way too long for me to get into it to enjoy it.

#50 Complete A-Z Movie Challenge - L (Looper) however I just realized as I'm watching Social Network on TV I have watched a few movies on TV since the challenge started so as of right now I'm instating that TV movies do NOT count ha.

#61 Blog Once a Week - I've published 17 (now 18) posts in the 20 days since this challenge started...I think I'm doing just fine with that one ha.

#69 Complete A-Z Travel Challenge - I'm going to include day trips as well as over night trips. H (Huntsville) I went horseback riding.

#86 Read All Nicholas Sparks Books - The Last Song, The Lucky One, Dear John, A Bend in the Road, A Walk to Remember.  I really thought I had read more.  Guess I have a ways to go ha.

#88 Complete Texas Bucket List - Visit River Walk, Listen to Red Dirt music on the radio, Go to the Houston Rodeo, Listen to Corpus Christi Bay, See the sunset near Austin, Visit Austin, Visit Dallas, Visit Hermann Park, Houston Museum of Natural Science,  Minute Maid Park, Houston Zoo, Memorial Park, See a Josh Abbott Band show

#96 Complete Top 10 Things To Do In Houston - Hermann Park, Houston Museum of Natural Science, Minute Maid Park

So while I may not have completed anything in the last 10 days.  I'd say I'm still staying on track since I have 11 more in progress in addition to the 2 I've finished & the 3 I've failed.

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