Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And So It Begins... Workout Wednesday

When I started this blog, and I believe somewhere in the middle, I talked about losing weight & getting fit.  That my friends, did not happen.  I would work out here & there for awhile and then things would come up and I would stop.  I tried eating better, keeping track of everything that I ate and the calories and such, that never lasted more than a week because it's a lot of work & I didn't always know what the calories and such were.  My drivers license, which I got last year because I turned 21, says I weigh 160 pounds.  Now granted, it was a guess...but it was close.  Awhile ago I weighed myself & I was 185 pounds.  Yep, 25 pounds, in one year.  Lovely. 

Now I know it's almost a new year but this isn't a resolution or why I'm starting now.  I'm starting now because a new semester is starting which means I can get a gym pass.  I also only have class 2 days a week which means I have a lot more free time than last semester.  I am also single now, not that being in a relationship means go ahead & pack on 25 pounds.  I just mean that I've been looking for something to do just for me.  Something to help me start a new life.  I figured why not this since I want to lose weight anyway.

So today one of my roommate's and I went to the gym on campus, got our passes for the semester, and worked out.  It wasn't long today.  45 minutes maybe.  But I managed to get in a couple miles on the eliptical and a little over a mile on the bike.  It felt amazing.  So I decided to keep a log of what I do, when, and my progress.  Since I started on a Wednesday I'll weigh in on Wednesdays.  I would like to eventually get back to 160.  Or at least toned.  Right now I just cant picture where 22 pounds would go because I'm honestly not all that big.  I'm not a stick but I'm not that big either. 

So every Wednesday I will post what I've done over the week and the progress I've made.  Here's to hoping that this one sticks...

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