Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011

Well it's officially 2011, and has been for about 12 hours now.  I'm both nervous and excited to see what this year is going to bring me.  Normally I'm never too worried about it, nor do I even give it that much thought, but this year just seems different. 

I'm single now for the first time in basically 5 years while all of the rest of my friends are now leaving the single scene and those who already weren't single are starting to get really serious (i.e. engaged, moving in together, kids). 

I'm moving back in with my parents in May.  While I go home a lot, this will be the first time I've actually lived there since I started college 4 years ago.  I continue to have mixed feelings about this as I love my family & am excited for that aspect.  I'm also excited to live in a small town again, and of course for the money I'll be saving.  But at the same time I'll be leaving this whole new life I've created behind.  Oh well it had to come at some point.  If I had never changed my major I would have been graduating in May anyway which means I would have been leaving anway.

Branden is deploying sometime in the spring.  While we're not together, nor will be probably ever get back together, he is still one of my best friends and both has been and continues to be such a big part of my life, I am not looking forward to this deployment at all.

Basically at midnight, when my roommate, who had said originally would go out for a girls night on NYE, was making out with a guy who is "not" her boyfriend but might as well be, I was about ready to give 2011 the big middle finger.  I'm not gonna lie looking ahead the year still isn't looking all that swell.  But hey, who knows, this year could be the greatest one yet, doubtful, but it could be.  I'm not going to totally cross 2011 off just yest but I am definitely going to be keeping a close eye on it and what it has in store for me.

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