Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

There definitely wasn't a shortage of food over the holidays.  On Christmas Eve my dad's side of the family came over to our house.  We had prime rib, cheesy potatoes, green bean caserole, and of course desserts.  On Christmas Day we went to one of my mom's sister's place.  There was even more food there.  Turkey, ham, meatballs, dips, bread, other appetizers, and once again... desserts.  Yesterday was my dad's mom's birthday so once again his side of the family was over at our house.  We made an assortment of stirfrys for dinner & ate ice cream cake and the many remaining desserts from the days before.  Needless to say I'm definitely not starving by any stretch of the imagination.  As a matter of fact it seemed that my stomach decided to shrink right before the holidays so I didn't eat a whole lot of anything actually.  Enough to know that the food was excellent but not so much that I over indulged.  Nothing wrong with that at all.

These were just some of the decorations on our tree and around the house.  I love when the house is all decorated for the holidays.  Every year we get a new family decoration for the tree & my brother & I each get a new one for when we get our own places some day.  (None of these decorations are shown.)  This year we got a picture frame decoration for the family one & my brother & I each got a snowman for our individual ones.

I got great presents this year.  My favorite by far being my new camera which I have become more than obsessed with.  If anyone thought I was obnoxious with my picture taking before they are in for quite the surprise.  All those wrapped presents aren't mine by the way.  In my stocking I got some candy, UV Blue, gas & iTunes giftcards, & the movie Dirty Harry.  From my brother I got the game What's A Dame To Do.  From my parents I got the camera, Chelsea Handler's book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang (I love her so much!), the book Wildwood, Ice Age 3, & Kung Fu Panda.  My parents and brother got some pretty awesome things too I might add.

That is my family & our Christmas tree.  That picture took a half a dozen tries I kid you not.  First my timer went off to soon so I was barely sitting down, then the other times one or more of us looked utterly ridiculous.  Finally we said enough after this one.  It's not a terribly picture by any means.  We were all laughing at this point & sick & tired of waiting for the flash to go off while trying to get it right.  As for the tree, it's a fake.  We used to get real trees but my mom couldn't help decorate because the needles make her skin break out.  So we now have a fake one.  Fine by me.  Sure the house doesn't smell like pine & we don't get to go cut one down, but we don't have to pay for one every year, it doesn't make a mess, & my mom gets to help decorate.

I hope that you all had great holidays & that you have a great New Years Eve as well.  Perhaps I'll post again before then, I know I'd love to, but lately I've been having a writers block or when I do think of something I don't have the time & by the time I do I no longer write about my idea.  So in the event that I don't return to this blog before 2011... have a great New Years Eve & see you all next year!

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