Friday, October 22, 2010

The Longest Week Ever

Normally I would do Five For Fridays today & I might still do some form of that again starting next week but until I think of a filler, they are done.

This week has been the longest week of my life. I feel that is in part because I have been so excited for my birthday tomorrow & also because of my recent break-up. Not only did that sort of put me in not the happiest mood (although I must say I'm doing 100x better than the first time) but also I had nothing to break up my week.

Normally Branden & I would have hung out all night Sunday, but instead he came over for about 45 min so we could break-up & talk. We also would have seen each other Tuesday (which happened to be the longest night of my life). Instead I had nothing to do from about 11am until 9pm when Teen Mom finally came on. Those hours dragged on & on.

Needless to say I am so happy it's Friday. I'm not so happy that it's 6:30am when I'm typing this. I have not been sleeping well & after tossing & turning for the past hour-hour & a half I gave up & decided to blog & do a little homework. Today I have class 11-3 so that will keep me busy. I also need to go in & talk to my boss about some missing hours & maybe do some errands with the roommate. Then, at 7 Branden is still taking me to dinner for my birthday.

We have still been talking everyday, definitely not like we used to or even as much but we have exchanged a few texts everyday. He has been my best friend for over 5 years & yet I am nervous to see him tonight. I'm not even exactly sure why. Like nervous to the point where I have been feeling butterflys, not like the lovey dovey first date kind but you get the idea, pretty constantly since yesterday afternoon. We haven't seen each other since Sunday but we have been talking. Also, I never felt this way about seeing him last time we broke up. Granted the last time we broke up it was like nothing really changed, we hung out all the time & still did couple stuff. Last time I was also hoping with everything I had that we would get back together. I think I'm just afraid that it's going to be awkward even though it doesn't need to be.

I also get to look forward to a verbal lashing on Monday from my least favorite professor of all time. She is a royal bitch with unclear expectations & seems to have it out for the girls in my class & for some reason me personally. It may sound a little paranoid but just from talking to others in the class on the grades they are getting on assignments & what they are putting into them, she definitely seems to be unfair. I have even had people from class tell me that she seems to call me out more than anyone else. She has no reason either. I participate as much as anybody, I pay attention, and it's not like I'm being obnoxious or distracting. Because of the way I act when I feel attacked one of two things is going to happen on Monday, I'm going to start bawling in her office or start yelling right back & walk out. ... Can't wait.