Thursday, April 1, 2010

In Search Of A Teaching Job

Two posts for today because I forgot to add this freak out to my last one & decided to add another instead of editing. I am terrified that I will not be able to find a job once I graduate. I know a lot could change by the time I graduate but will it? First of all I graduate in December so if I do any teaching right away it'll be sub jobs or maybe finishing off a school year somewhere where another teacher didn't work out. It's not that that I'm super worried about though. There are 3 websites that I generally check for MN teaching jobs. My school's website,, & Somedays I almost wish that I didn't switch from elementary to secondary because of the job outlook. There are always tons of el ed jobs but rarely any hs social studies jobs.

On my school's website since March 3 there are 568 active teaching job listings.... 8 of them are for social studies teachers & some of them are only part time. That's right not even 1.5% of them do I qualify for.

On educationamerica since March 18 there are 111 listings & 1 of them is a social studies job. Not even 1%

I don't have time to go through k12jobspot right now because I have to leave for work soon but you get the point. Now I know there are more sites & some just flat out don't list their openings anywhere but on their district's page or online at all but still. 9 out of 679 jobs are social studies jobs? Really? It's not like I'm the only person going to be a social studies teacher...

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