Thursday, April 1, 2010

Only A Year And A Half To Go

I graduate in 625 days which is really beginning to terrify me. I am so excited & so nervous at the same time. I have so many things to figure out before graduation & of course after. Plus I feel like my life is going faster & faster. The first 3 years flew by so why should the last 1.5 be any different?? Especially with all that is going on. I essentially only have 20 months left until graduation which may seem like a long time but it's really not.

APRIL 2010 (20 months to go)
I finish my spring semester at the end of this month. That marks 3 years down. Absolutely insane. Plus this weekend is Easter, next weekend I am either going up north with my roommate to visit a friend if not I am hoping Branden & I will be able to cross of one of the million things on our summer to do list. I work the following weekend & then the last weekend Branden & I are going to the zoo. I should also study for finals sometime that weekend. Goodbye April.

MAY 2010 - AUGUST 2010 (16 months to go)
Even though summer hasn't even started mine is already filled. I finish spring semester at the end of this month & then will be taking summer classes May 17-August 6. I will only actually have seat time from May 17-July 9 because one is an online class but still. Fall semester starts August 23rd by the way so that's how big my summer break will be... Plus I have a college graduation, high school graduation, high school graduation party, 2 weddings, a trip to Vegas, a family reunion, I work every other weekend, & Branden & I would like to fit as many things as possible in this summer from our to do list & I try to go home at least once a month. Goodbye summer.

SEPTEMBER 2010 - DECEMBER 2010 (12 months to go)
Somewhere in here I will need to register for my student teaching. That means I need to decide where I will be living the following year. Do I want to stay in St. Cloud or do I want to move back to Mora?

I currently live with 3 other girls & pay basically $275/mo to live here. We all graduate in Dec. 2011 so that means we'd have to find subleasers for Jan-May ... or stay here I suppose but I know for sure that one girls won't even be signing for that lease & I have serious doubts about another girl. That would leave me & one other girl to find strangers or move away from campus which means more $$. Also the place that I work at is only open until 9 which means depending on where I get placed I will hardly ever be able to work. However, all of my friends will be somewhere in St. Cloud & Mora is an hour away (Branden may or may not be deployed at this time). Plus there are more schools within an hour of St. Cloud to be placed in.

If I move to Mora I will basically be rent free. I would try to help my parents out with groceries as much as possible as well as cleaning. So that means even if I am not able to work a ton it won't matter as much because I'll be saving around $275 a month. Most likely more because I wouldn't be going out to eat/to the bar all the time with my friends if I was an hour away. However, I would have to get a new job which may or may not be a challenge. If I could go back to the video store that I worked at it wouldn't be a big deal & they are open later so I could actually work somedays after teaching instead of just on the weekends.

Also that month I will have to decide if I want to do all of my student teaching in MN or if I want to some out of state/out of the country. If I choose to do that I will most definitely be moving back to Mora because I would be gone for about 2.5 months & there is no sense in paying for an apartment that I would be living in for at most 4.5 months.

Oh I will be taking all history classes this semester so I will most likely end up hating my life before the semester is over. Also during this time I will still be working every other weekend & as of right now know of 1 wedding & a few family birthday parties. Plus in this semester it's my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas. Goodbye fall semester.

January 2011 - April 2011 (8 months to go)
If I were the typical 4 year student this would be my last semester. However, I changed my major, added a minor, dropped the minor, & had to/chose to re-take a few classes. This semester will be all of my theory type classes. I'm also pretty sure I have some type of classroom experience this semester. I really hope so because the two I've had up until the point sucked & all I really learned was what not to do. The first one wasn't even with a teacher I just had a small group of kids in a library with one other girl & taught them about weather. If he hasn't already, or unless the military just flat out changes their mind, Branden will be deploying during this time to Afghanistan. It will also be our last spring break so my roommates & I talked a little about maybe going somewhere warm & sunny since none of us ever have done the "typical" college spring break. Meagan & Heather have never gone anywhere for spring break, Kayla went to DC once, & I went to Missouri twice. Even though they will technically be in the first week of May, this will be my last set of actual college classes & finals! That's pretty exciting. Goodbye spring semester.

MAY 2011 - AUGUST 2011 (4 months to go)
I am thinking I may have to take a summer class, unless I move back to Mora that is. The reason I say that, & I know it's bad, but I need the class so that I can get financial aid just so I can have money to survive during the summer. I really don't make enough without it to pay for my car, rent, & food. I'm thinking if I do, & as long as I would have enough to cover my expenses & the class I want to do a 2 week study abroad class. There are two that I am interested in. One would cover a class in the Travel & Tourism major which I have considered multiple times lately. So that way not only would it be a fun experience, if I ever chose to come back for that major I'd already have one class out of the way. If I do end up moving back to Mora & don't take a summer class I will just be working my ass of to save up money incase I can't work a ton during my student teaching since we're supposedly not suppose to at all. Well I'm sorry but some of us have to survive still & have bills to pay. If I didn't work at all during my student teaching I would miss at least 4 months worth of car payments & insurance payments, plust I wouldn't be able to afford the gas to drive to the school, nor would I be able to do ANYTHING. I will be having a job, sorry St. Cloud State. It would be even worse if I end up staying in St. Cloud & didn't have a job because then I also couldn't pay rent & utilities. Should I choose to move back to my parents' house I will be moving sometime at the end of May. Goodbye summer.

I will officially be student teaching. I am already scared shitless. I know I need someone there to watch me so that they can tell me what I am doing right or wrong & so that I can be evaluated... but I do NOT work well that way, at any job. I do so much better when I'm not being watched & don't feel like I'm being judged. When people are watching me I just feel like I suck all the time. It is for this reason that I am glad that I can't be placed in my high school or any school where I know/am related to a worker. I do even worse when I really know the person. I feel like I am letting them down or they are just like WTF. I don't know why I feel this way because my parents were NEVER like that. They've always told me that I am too hard on myself & have supported me through absolutely everything even if I didn't always make the wisest choices. GOODBYE COLLEGE!

Anyway, so there's my college countdown & freak out. Be glad that my original post from a few days ago got deleted because i had it broken down monthly instead of every 4 months. Talk about a long & boring read.

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