Wednesday, December 12, 2018

My Amazon Christmas Wishlist

Christmas as an adult is hard.  There is nothing that I *need* & for the most part if I want it, I buy it.  My actual Amazon Wishlist is a lot longer & a lot more random.  Pretty much anytime I see a blogger recommendation that interests me I make sure to save it to my list.  I was however able to come up with a few things to add to my Christmas Wishlist.

1. An Instapot
3. A new Coffee Maker
5. Heavier Weights
7. 23 & Me DNA Test
9. Ancestry DNA Test


  1. At first I thought those collapsible colanders were dog bowls. That's smart!

  2. Im totally getting DNA tests for my two cats. Legit.

  3. Great list! I had no idea they had DNA kits for Pets!!! HA! That is awesome!

  4. I love our collapsible colanders, they save so much room. Also, those DNA tests would be so fun!

  5. John got the DNA test for Hawkeye, I just need to swab finally and send it in!