Thursday, November 1, 2018

Dear 40 Year Old Bri


Welcome to 40!  Does this mean we're over the hill now?  Or is that 50?  I don't recall.  Either way, I hope you're still rockin it!  I know we've already acted old for quite some time but please don't be acting OLD old.  While overall I really just hope that you're happy & #LivingYourBestLife, are hashtags still a thing??  Here are a few things I wouldn't mind having accomplished by now:

-Quit teaching & have a new career you actually love
-Be married
-Have kids
-Own a home
-Have the ability to travel often, aka more than just home for the holidays & maybe once a year
-Have visited states/countries I haven't yet #CrossOffThatBucketList

I guess that's it really.  Mostly I really do just hope that at 40 we're doing what makes us happy & not worrying about the small things.  Oh, I hope that debt is taken care of...  #Yikes!


30 Year Old Bri

PS #SorryNotSorry for the hashtags, feel free to want to punch younger you in the face...  I feel ya, I want to smack some sense into younger us as well...

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