Wednesday, August 29, 2018

More Herbs Less Salt

Today is "More Herbs Less Salt Day"  Random, but perfect.  Sometimes when I'm lacking inspiration I look at Days of the Year to see if there are any random holidays I can write about.  Normally I would have said "Nope," to this one but I've been trying to cut back on sodium & figure out a way to write about my latest discovery without being all whoa is me.

A week ago I found myself driving to the ER around 6 am instead of getting ready for work.  A few days earlier, on that Sunday, I had tried to donate blood.  While my iron was finally high enough, my blood pressure was high, apparently dangerously high.  They wanted me to go to the ER then but I didn't.  Instead I calmed myself down & then felt fine.  I continued to feel fine the next two days.  Wednesday morning though I woke up & felt super nauseous.  I didn't know if I was getting sick or if it was the blood pressure thing since that was now in my head.  I called my mom, went to Kroger, checked my blood pressure, & then drove myself to the ER.  When I was admitted it was 220/115.  They ran some tests, gave me some meds, & then monitored me for a few hours.  They finally released me around 9:30-10 am with a prescription for high blood pressure medication.  

I already had an appointment for the 4th just to do a routine/annual check-up, which I never do except for my yearly woman physical, so the doctor at the hospital told me to check my blood pressure twice a day at least until that appointment as well as to take the medication for at least the 30 days until it runs out.  They have no idea what is/was causing it.  All of the tests came back normal, I'm not overweight, & I'm young.  Basically stress & heredity... although I'm still young for it to be kicking in for the second one.  I've felt fine since then.  I've been taking my meds, checking my blood pressure twice a day, & every time it's at a perfectly normal level.

Just to keep things in check though, & because I've been trying to eat healthier anyway, here are some recipes that I've been wanting to try.


  1. that is a random day lol. i love that you write about random holidays, i need to see if there are any coming up i could turn into a blog post, so thanks for the idea ;) that's crazy about your blood pressure! my iron has never been high enough, even when i eat meat and take iron supplements. womp.
    those blueberry pies look delish!

  2. Now I’m gonna worry about you. Low sodium is beet helpful with the BP, It runs high in my family too.

  3. Oh dear, keep monitoring it and hopefully it resolves itself!

  4. From someone who is "too young" to be having hot flashes. I sympathize with you. Health issues are stupid.

  5. Health issues are so annoying. My blood pressure was high this year too. Sigh

  6. ...check your calcium level on your blood work. If it's high, email me.