Friday, August 31, 2018

Goodbye August

It's finally Friday!  There were parts of this week that went by fast & other parts where I thought it would never end.  This week was only the second week of school & I am already so excited that this weekend is a long one.  I am still not mentally prepared to be back at work & doing all the things.  I feel like it could take awhile before I'm there this year.  Next week I'm only at work 3 days & then the following week 2 of the days are early release, 1 is picture day, & it's homecoming week.

No matter though because it's finally Friday, my friend is coming into town, & I'm about to have 4 days off.  Hallelujah!  Linking up with Amanda.

From the blog
Monday: I recapped my weekend of being sick & lazy.

Wednesday: I talked about how I recently got put on meds for high blood pressure & shared some low sodium recipes.

From the phone

What I was up to
All I do is work work work no matter what!  Because I'm now back to work & everyday pretty much looks like:

-wake up
-take care of Nash
-do stuff around the apartment
-go to work
-go home
-take care of Nash
-watch Netflix
-go to bed

I am thinking about changing up my Friday blog posts again.  We'll see.  I *did* go on a date on Wednesday though so that shook things up a bit.  We'll see if there is a second date or not.  If he sets one up, I'll go.  We've already established that we'd both be interested in a 2nd date but no plans have been made.

Random thoughts & things
-By all accounts this school year is easier.  I have my own classroom, I'm only coaching 1 sport, I'm a returning teacher, I don't have freshmen... and yet I am more exhausted than I have ever been this early in the school year.  I don't even dislike any of my kids, but I am already ready for a break.

-My FitBit & the app, well mostly the app, are being ridiculously irritating.  Nothing was syncing anymore, and had been slowly acting up for a couple of weeks now.  I deleted the app, reinstalled it, nothing.  I unpaired my device & then tried to repair it... won't even let me pair the device now.  The actual fitbit still works so in reality it is what it is, but what's the point if it's not syncing & keeping track so I know how I'm doing?



  1. I'm so glad this school year is going to be easier! Love your outfit and enjoy the long weekend!! xo

  2. oh sorry to hear you've been more exhausted, hopefully as the year goes on that improves. that dinosaur thing is hilarious!

  3. Girl, I hear all of this!! Did I tell you that I had someone quit 30 minutes before the first day of school? It was a veteran person, too. GRRRR. Couple that with the counselor that is causing ALL.THE.PROBLEMS., and I've been dealing with one school's drama every day since we came back. I'm so glad for a three-day weekend even though... there are so many signs that are pointing to good... I'm exhausted by the stupid things already. That picture of Nash gives me life though. He's so cute when he's acting needy.

  4. Oh man, I hear ya. I have been moving in slow motion this past week. Mercury retrograde ended and I seem to be doing worse haha. I love that dress--or is it a romper? Super cute either way! And yeah why the hell are PSLs back already?! I think they came back on my b-day--which is AUGUST aka STILL SUMMER. I was having none of it haha.