Friday, June 29, 2018

My Last Week In Minnesota

Happy Friday y'all!  My time in Minnesota has pretty much come to an end.  I was originally going to be leaving tomorrow morning but opted to stay a couple of extra days.  Of course today is hot & humid as all get out preparing me to go back to Texas.  I'm talking it's 6:30 am and it's 76 with 100% humidity... that's only 6 degrees cooler than it is in Texas right now with 21% more humidity!

Today is my mama's birthday!  That's actually kind of how I originally decided how long I was going to be in MN this summer, be here by Father's Day since I'll miss my dad's birthday in August & stay until my mom's birthday since I missed Mother's Day in May.

Have a great weekend everyone & stay cool!  Linking up with Amanda!

1. From the blog
Monday: I recapped my weekend in which I explored Minneapolis more than I have in years.

Tuesday: I shared which 101 in 1001 goals I completed in months 2 & 3.

Wednesday: I showed off all of the things Becky & I ate on our way to & from Canada.

Thursday: I talked about our trip to Canada & how I got super awkward...

2. From the phone

Nash trying to make sure my parents' new dishwasher got installed correctly.

I have been wanting to try this lobster mac & cheese because it was on Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives and was obviously therefore ranked the best lobster mac & cheese in Minnesota.  It was so gross I couldn't even eat more than a few bites.  The lobster tasted mock & fishy.  My brother made homemade lobster mac once that was 100x better.

3. What I was up to
Monday: Most of the day was spent with Nash because he was tired of me leaving him.  I did go have supper & drinks with my friend Kristie that night though.  We're now talking about potentially going to Georgia at some point this fall!

Tuesday: Tuesday morning I met up with my friend Alicia for breakfast & to catch up about life & reminisce about missing WeFest.  Maybe someday we'll go to another large country music festival but most likely never WeFest again.  That afternoon I went with my mama to the cities for an appointment & then we met up with one of my aunts that for drinks & appetizers.

Wednesday: Wednesday was Trey's last day in Minnesota so I met up with him that afternoon to try to knock out the rest of the breweries on his list & check out Mall of America.  We didn't get to all of the breweries, but we did add a couple of different ones as well as a couple of restaurants.  Basically I felt super full again from all of the beer & food.  This is a reason I am ready to be back in Texas soon.  All of the meeting up with people while I'm here means so much alcohol & food!

Thursday: My mom & I met up with my cousin Becky, my pretty much other cousin Beth (she's dating/owns a house with/has a kid with my cousin/Becky's brother Kris), & their kids for lunch.  I had a salad ha.  I couldn't anymore with the the super heavy food.  I met up with 2 of my best friends from college that night, Kayla & Sonja, for happy hour.  I got yet another salad.  It's always great to get to see them again & I think getting to hang out with those two is one of the things I miss the most about living in Minnesota.

4. Random thoughts & things
- On Wednesday Andrea shared how to start getting email notifications again for comments on Blogger so I made the switch back.  I made sure to export my Disqus comments first.

-I am no longer coaching volleyball.  Instead I will now be the full time varsity softball assistant.  It does mean a small pay cut, but it also means a lot more free time.

-I have pretty much mentally called it quits with Pickles.  I had such high hopes for that one, and perhaps things will change once I'm back but I'm not holding my breath.  We went from texting everyday (not all day, but at least a little bit in the morning and/or at night) and also talking on the phone every few days to now we haven't talked since Monday night.  Just a week ago he was telling me that he also missed me, was excited for me to come back, & needed a hug from me to just disappearing.  He went MIA for a couple of days after that but then contacted me telling me he was sorry he was MIA & that work had been nuts, we talked for a couple of days, & now nothing again.  Only time will tell.  Otherwise he'll step up & reach out to me sometime between now & when I get back or he won't & I'll move one.

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  1. BOO on Pickles!! Hope it is just that work is crazy and that he doesn't suck. Safe travels back this way. Are you planning on making more adventure stops?? That sucks that the lobster mac and cheese place ended up sucking. That's always when happens when things get famous. Sighhhhhh

  2. Oh sweetie, time will tell, maybe work has been busy and when he sees your beautiful face again, he will be like "oh yeah, she's the bomb!"

  3. Oh and safe travels back to Texas!

  4. Bummer about pickles! And have safe trip back (ps that meme about the popsicles lol)

  5. Ugh Pickles - I echo Sara's sentiments. Lobster mac & cheese sounds sooo good right now