Monday, June 25, 2018

I Just Like Minneapolis A Little Bit Better

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone has a good start to their week!  I spent most of my weekend out & about so I'm currently trying to type this up with a dog on my lap because I'm pretty sure Nash is feeling abandoned.  He hasn't been this cuddly since he was a little baby.

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So this happened Friday morning...

My friend Trey flew into Minnesota Friday afternoon so we hung out in Minneapolis for a couple of days.  We walked around the city & went to see the Stone Arch Bridge which is one of my favorite places in Minneapolis.

As per usual we ate & drank all the things.  We ate at Rock Bottom Brewery first, & I spared you the picture, but I was basically served a raw burger patty.  I like my burgers medium-rare, but burger right out of the package...nope.  We went to Clockwerks Brewing for some beers, I got the flight, & the place had a really cool vibe.  We also went to Union Rooftop because the girl he has been seeing suggested it & said it was really good, it was meh.  After the rooftop place being a miss we decided to walk to Runyon's for wings instead.  I got him all dropped off at his hotel & made the hour & a half drive home.

1. One of the many playable painted pianos around the city
2. The sign outside of Clockwerk Brewing
3. The Bob Dylan mural

Saturday we went to the Twins v Rangers game, the entire reason Trey came to Minnesota.  He wants to see as many ballparks as he can, his only rule?  The Rangers have to be playing there when he goes.  The Rangers won.  They actually won the first two of the series.  Boo.  We didn't even stay until the end because it wasn't even a close, exciting game.

For brunch that day before the game we went to Hell's Kitchen.  I did the build your own bloody bar.  If there is a bloody bar, I'm going to do it.  It was so good!  Lil fatty also got a caramel pecan roll & buffalo tater tots.  I couldn't finish the tots lol.  That kept me full the ENTIRE day.  I only drank a couple more beers & had a burger because I felt like I should eat something else.  I was so uncomfortably full most of the day.  The burger came from Matt's Bar & is called a Juicy Lucy.  It's been on food shows & is a pretty big deal.  Obama even ate there!  Despite that, I had never been before.  For beers we hit up Indeed Brewing, Fulton Brewing, & Inbound Brewing.

During our exploration of the city we saw more pianos, I made sure to show him the First Ave & 7th Street Entry walls, & we also went to Minnehaha Falls.

I didn't get home until almost 11 again after dropping him off & this was the picture my mom sent me as I was getting ready to head home.  Nash decided to put himself to bed because he got tired of waiting for me to get home ha.  Poor little guy.

Sunday was all about Nash!  We went for a morning walk & hung out at home all day.  By bedtime he was ready to go to sleep & just cuddle with Hedgey 3.0.  He had TWO of those hedgehogs as a puppy.  He destroyed them almost instantly.  This one he plays with, & shakes around like he wants to kill it, but mostly he just loves on it.  He's growing up so fast.

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