Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Livin Like Hippies

Yesterday I recapped my trip to Waco to visit Magnolia Market and such.  Today I'll be sharing about the little trip Kayla & I took to Lindale.

After brunch with some friends, which I'll talk more about tomorrow, Kayla & I headed off to Lindale to check out Miranda Lambert's Pink Pistol & Red 55 Winery.

As girls who were formally fairly obsessed with Miranda Lambert, this was a bucket list item for Kayla & somewhere I was excited to go again.  #TeamMiranda

We did some shopping first before sampling all 8 of her wines.  Kayla figured it was smarter to shop pre-alcohol.  This time around I just got a coffee mug & some coffee.

After checking out her store & the winery we went next door to Love & War In Texas for some chips and queso as well as a salad... because we are now adults who know that sometimes in the middle of eating all the less than stellar food you just need to eat a salad.

And now time for the picture overload.