Monday, May 7, 2018

Cinco De Mayo & All Things Entertainment

Happy Monday everyone!  I'm not going to lie, Mondays are getting a whole lot easier knowing that including today I only have 3 left until summer.  This weekend my friend Kayla was in town from Minnesota.  We packed so much into such a short time & it was a blast.  Rather than overwhelm y'all, and myself, with a massive post about everything we did over the weekend I'm going to break our weekend up into different posts over the week.

Today I'll be linking up with Biana & sharing a few teasers of the weekend as well as linking up with Andrea and The Blended Blog to answer a few questions about Entertainment for another round of TBB Asks.

1. Comedy or Drama: Both??  
My top 3 favorite movies are Dazed & Confused, Friday Night Lights, & 8 Seconds.  My actual favorite genre would probably be super specific at "based on a true story sports movies"

2. Fiction or Non-Fiction
I love reading biographies but more of then than not when I read it is fiction.

3. Movies in Theater or At Home
Okay so I'm not a huge movie fan.  When I was in like 9th grade my friend & I went to the movies literally every Friday.  Of course I'm from a tiny town where there is a 1 screen movie theater & not a ton else to do...  The older I get the less patience I have to sit in a movie theater.  I can't sit still & be quiet that long if I can't also multitask.  Where as at home I can multitask, get up when I want, talk if I want, etc

4. Musical or Play
I. Love. Musicals.  Oklahoma & The Sound of Music are something that I could, and have, watch over & over & over again.  It has been so long since I last saw a live musical but I really want to again.

5. Which meal of the day is your favorite to eat out
Honestly any time I can sit on a patio.  So usually brunch or lunch.  I love eating out though mainly because it means getting to try new places.

6. Favorite book ever read
Kite Runner.  I first read it in the 12th grade for English class & I finished it super quick.  I also really love Valley of the Dolls.  I've read that dozens of times too.

7. Game night: yes or no
If I had my own house and more free time, I would love to host game nights.  My friends Helen & Caleb used to from time to time but then everyone got so busy with life.

8. Favorite outside game to play
This made me think in two completely opposite directions.  My first thought was "you mean like tag & such?? I haven't played those since I was a kid."  Then I thought, "well there's beer pong type games but I don't really play those & those can also be played inside."  Pass.  Because then all I can think is tennis & golf and I don't play either of those.

9. Favorite TV series ever
This is hard.  I LOVED Friday Night Lights & Breaking Bad.  I used to say The Walking Dead because I was obsessed for like the first 4 seasons.  Now I haven't even watched it in a season or 2.  I've rewatched Friends a time or two though.

10. Sitcoms growing up or sitcoms of today
I honestly don't watch a ton of today's sitcoms.  And now I haven't even had cable in over a year so when I do watch TV it's really Netflix or sports.

11. Mini golf or bowling
I kind of suck at both but at least mini golf is outside & to me just more fun.  Real golf on the other hand... pass

12. Favorite movie theater candy
Sour patch kids.  They're my favorite candy in general though.

13. How do you like your popcorn
With a shit ton of butter & slightly salty.

14. 3D movies with the glasses: yes or no
a)I don't like going to movies b)I find having to wear those glasses a pain

15. Favorite genre of books to read
Teen Lit and/or drama


  1. Yay, glad you girls had some fun! Woohoo a fellow Sound of a music lover!!!

    1. I got to have my picture taken on the stairs they filmed Do Re Me for Sound of Music when I was in High School. So cool!

  2. I loved Valley of the Dolls too. Have a wonderful week Brianne.

  3. Game nights are so fun and I remember the days of heading to the movies every friday night in middle school and high school! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Game nights are a blast!! I use to always watch The Walking Dead but I stopped watching last season, it was just so boring. I started this last season and just lost interest. It's just not as good as it use to be. I'm officially done with it.

  5. Bring on the Oklahoma girl. And beer pong I consider it a basement game LOL!

  6. I forgot about the classic musicals like Sound of Music! I love that one! I've been into Hamilton and The Greatest Showman recently!

    1. I haven't really seen many of the newer musicals! I really should!

  7. I always want to host game nights.... but I have no friends. Except my staff... and for some reason, that seems awkward. Hmm... I LOVE THE SOUND OF MUSIC. One of my favorite things to watch... and I totally wish my life was musical.