Monday, May 16, 2016

Netflix & Chill

On Friday one of our track girls headed off to state (she wound up getting 4th in hurdles.)  Because she was the only track member, guys or girls, that made it to state, we spent the athletic period make posters to surprise her with as they drove away from the school.  I missed the actually send off but apparently she cried she was so surprised.  The actual school day drug on & on.  My 5th-7th periods doubled in size because the teacher next to me is the hurdles coach & had to go with Kenzie for state but no sub ever picked up his classes.  That evening I did absolutely nothing.  I painted my nails for the 3rd time that week (sunshine & trophy wife) on the patio while enjoying a margarita.  Truth be told I only drank part of it before dumping the rest down the drain.  I just wasn't in the mood.  I finished catching up on my shows, the only episodes I have left are the ones that have yet to air, & started passing out at 9:30.  By 10 I shut down my computer & went to bed.

I woke up starving & craving breakfast tacos so after some deliberation I went to Fuzzy's because it was close, I knew they took credit card, & it's pretty cheap.  I got one with bacon & one with chorizo.  Breakfast tacos always hit the spot.  I had planned on starting to pack stuff up but realized there wasn't much I could do until closer to the end of the week when I actually move.  So instead I sat in bed & made teenage me super happy by watching Bring It On, Save the Last Dance, & Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on Netflix.  When did Netflix decide to actually get good movies??  

For about a week the plan had been to drive meet Helen & Caleb at their house & then go to Old Chicago for dinner around 6.  The night before we decided we wanted to do some patio day drinking so after I spent 5.5 hours reliving my teen years on Netflix it was off to Dallas, of course I had to stop at Starbucks first because frappuchino happy hour.  None of us were hungry yet so instead of going straight to Old Chicago we decided to start at the Richardson Truck Yard.  Meat in the Street, Rockstar Bakeshop, & Oh My Kabob Benita were the trucks there that day.  While Caleb just got a beer Helen & I both tried the Cool Cucumber.  It was really good & had the potential to be really dangerous.  It essentially tasted like carbonated cucumber water.  We were starting to get hungry & the food at the truck yard was starting to smell really good so we went to Old Chicago to get some pizza.  

I hadn't been to Old Chicago since college, & actually didn't even think they existed in TX, so when I found out there were in fact a few I had to go.  We started off with some wings & then got the Applewood-Spiced BBQ Chicken pizza.  Caleb once again just got a beer while Helen & I got a beermosa (Blue Moon & orange juice.)  I'm not an orange juice fan but I do like Blue Moon & I enjoyed the drink.  I probably wouldn't drink more than one but it was still good.  Helen & I each got a flight of beer after that. 

Our last patio stop of the night was The People's Last Stand.  Helen & Caleb both had traditional Moscow Mules while I decided to try a couple of different variations.  One was called the April O'Neil (it was made with strawberry & kiwi vodka) & the other was called The People's Far West (raspbertty & mint vodka.)  We sat around playing trivia until the sun went down & we started getting cold.  Because we're old instead of hitting up another bar to sit inside, we went & bought some meat & cheese to eat at their house.  We They watched Dirty Grandpa while I passed out on their couch.

Sunday morning I woke up at their place & then headed on home to be productive.  I needed to get food ready for the week but because I'll be moving stuff starting Friday I didn't really want to dirty anymore dishes so I wound up getting frozen meals to eat for my lunches/suppers this week.  The only other productive thing I managed to get done was laundry.  For real Netflix...I'm grateful for the good movies but it seriously puts productivity on the back corner.  Plus, I was so tired from staying up so late (12:30) the night before that laying in bed with Netflix seemed optimal.  I wound up watching The Sandlot, Little Rascals, Charlotte's Web,  Varsity Blues before I decided I was hungry.  I got some wings & then watched Into The Wild for the first time ever until it was time for bed.  #WildWeekend


  1. Those breakfast tacos sound amazing!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Sounds like a good weekend with lots of good food! :)

  3. Yes to breakfast tacos. Sounds like it was a great weekend. Don't you love when Netflix has good movies.

  4. That was so sweet to do a send off on her way to state. I'm sure she loved it!

  5. You are the best! I love all those movies, oh my goodness I have not seen varsity blues in forever, now you make me want to movie binge watch but I too have no time with graduations coming up but i would love a day like that! Your nails are so cute too

    1. Thank you! Hopefully once graduation season slows down you can have a chance to sit down wit Varsity Blues!

  6. OMG all of that yummy food and drink from Saturday! Yes please! And all of those movies on Netflix makes me really want to spend a weekend in watching movies!

  7. Love your nails, and all the yummy food from Saturday! I really miss Fuzzy's. I used to go a lot because it was close to my job in Texas!

  8. Totally loving your movie choices. Bring it On is a favorite!

  9. I'm screwed now that Teh German set up his TV downstairs. We started watching TMNT last night as the first thing we ever watched in the new house. Actually, we first watched Grey's, but I told him he could change it since I wasn't super into the episode (it was something in season 7 or 9 or after season 4 when it all went to shit). I'm screwed since they put all the good movies on Netflix. Packing for Germany is going to be impossible.