Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Currently In May

Making: Poor shopping choices...why does warm weather always make me want to buy shit?

Eating: Frozen meals.  Since Friday is my last night in the apartment I wanted to avoid using as many dishes as possible.

Drinking: Water.  Both carbonated & tap.  I'm obsessed with lemon flavored carbonated water.

Reading: Nothing.  I have a stack of 4 or 5 books that I'm ready to read this summer on vacation.

Listening: To people walking their dogs & leaving in my parking lot

Watching: The season finale of Hawaii Five-0.

Wanting: To no longer adult

Looking: Forward to getting to see all of my friends & family back in MN in a few weeks.

Enjoying: My last few days in my apartment.  Friday will be my last night here.

Waiting: For summer vacation to start #17Days

Wondering: If I'm gong to have a new job before this school year ends or not.

Loving: All of the support I've had with leaving my current job & finding a new one.

Needing: To repaint my nails yet again.

Wearing: A black tank top & jean shorts

Smelling: Nothing.  I literally notice no smell around me.

Noticing: How badly I need a new wardrobe.

Knowing: That I should really start packing up my apartment soon.

Laughing: At the gifs that my friend & I are always sending back & forth.

Daydreaming: About how I'm going to get myself to Europe

Feeling: Bittersweet about leaving my current school district.  I have never worked with so many awesome people.  I'm really going to miss them.


  1. I was wondering about the job situation from earlier in the month, but forgot to ask. I guess this clarified that issue for me.

  2. I read a suggestion (after I'd already moved) not to pack but three days before so you don't forget where you put everything so you're doing perfect with the timeline. Good luck with the move and new job situation working out!!

  3. I totally feel like I need a new wardrobe as well. Not sure what it is but I am not a fan of anything in my closet right now.