Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Currently In August

I'm back for another round of Currently & linking up with Anne & Shea.

Accomplishing blog posts

Buying stuff for Nash.  Besides gas & groceries the last thing I bought was a smaller crate for Nash.

Day Dreaming about a never ending paid summer vacation

Drinking water

Eating blue cheese stuffed olives, buffalo pretzel crisps, & garlic spread because I ain't kissing anyone

Enjoying my homemade ranch

Feeling slightly overwhelmed with the start of both volleyball & staff development

Knowing that I need to start eating way healthier again

Laughing at how Nash naps sometimes

Listening to "How Not To" by Dan & Shay because typing Anne & Shea made me think of Dan & Shay

Looking at my August calendar

Loving taking Nash to the dog park

Making mental notes for healthy recipes to make once the school year officially starts

Needing pay day

Noticing that 2017 is flying by way too quickly

Pinning nothing.  The last thing I pinned was recipes for dog treats.  That was a month or so ago.

Practicing going to bed and waking up at a decent time

Smelling nothing... I need to change out my wax on my Scentsy

Waiting for the weekend.  Too soon?  I have a concert on Sunday!

Wanting to "Win a Signed Guitar from Kip Moore + 'SLOWHEART' Enhanced Album Package" so help a girl out!

Watching The Office

Wearing jean shorts from my last Stitch Fix & a tank top from Target

Wondering what in the world I'll be teaching... classes start in 19 days...


  1. You look sooo cute in jean shorts and a tank and I always love your pretty hair in a braid!! I am slacking on Pinterest, lol. Hope your day is GREAT!

  2. That last picture of you is so great girl! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  3. Cute top!! Love it on you!!! I found myself nodding on all of these... especially a never-ending paid summer vacation... or at least one longer than this year. I'm supposed to start leading staff development on Tuesday... so I need to get my crap together and figure it out. Hoping we both buckle down soon... ;)

  4. I love your glasses!! They look so good on you. I wish I had the summers off, heck I wish I could even take a week off in the summer. I try to but everyone always beats me to it. Hopefully, this year I can take at least a few days. Here's to hope!

  5. "Because I ain't kissing anybody" LOL. Same, girl. Bring on the garlic!

  6. Yes Please was a great book you should enjoy it. Joining you with the trying to eat healthier. Good luck to us both.