Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hello August

August is officially upon us.  I had planned on doing a different post for today but once again I didn't get it typed up & it requires more thought than I have time/energy for at the moment.  So instead I figured I'd do a recap of July in numbers!

3 - First dates I went on

0 - Second dates I went on

8 - Hours I spent commuting to & from volleyball camp

2.5 - Hours I spent at orientation for my new job

1 - Concerts attended

5 - Girls nights

4 - Hours spent doing dance lessons

14 - Blog posts

86 - Pictures/videos on my phone of Nash

30.5 - Hours spent at volleyball camp

2 - Guys from my past that felt the need to try to come back into my life

7 - Times I took Nash to the dog park

15 - New bars/restaurants I went to

10 - Pounds Nash weighed at his check up

11 - Items ordered for Nash off Amazon


  1. How big is Nash supposed to get?
    We've done 2 dance lessons in the last month and they are $45 per hour and well... the dollas are draining from my account. :(

  2. Great job on the blog posts!! And that's so fun about all the new restaurants and bars!

  3. 86? Haha, love it. If you don't use google photos yet, you will. My back-up is mostly pics of my cat!

  4. 10 lbs already? is Nash gonna be a big boy? Also bummer for the no second date and the random exes. Boo them.