Friday, August 4, 2017

A Tiny Break From Coaching


That's the number of times I've linked up for Friday Favorites with Amanda, or at least the number of times that I've added the label to my post & linked up.  That's over 2.5 years!  In the past I've also done 5k Friday (that won't be coming back anytime soon) & Five For Friday.  The format of how I've done my Friday Favorites over the past 2.5 years has also changed.  I'm not quite sure what I want to do with my Fridays now, & who knows maybe I'll go back to Friday Favorites at some point.  But for now I'm feeling the need to shake things up.  I'm bored with my Friday posts...and they aren't even really favorites anymore at this point.  

So, until further notice my Fridays are now "Friday Free For All"  It could be favorites, it could be what I was up to that week, it could be a specific event or topic, anything!  It's themed without being themed.  Boom!

Now that that little PSA is out of the way, on with the moments I'm grateful for!

28 - Having a partner for dance lessons
29 - Celebrating a friend's birthday with Korean BBQ & an escape room
30 - Lots of time at the dog park
31 - A day off from volleyball
1 - Free beer
 2 - Meeting a potential contact for both education in the area I'd eventually like to live & in public relations in the pro sports world
3 - Friends who let my dog stay at their house while I'm at work, even when I wind up working way longer than I thought I would

Brain Dump
**As much as I love coaching, I'm glad that today I get to sit in new teacher training.  Even though it'll be boring I'm sure, I can just sit & listen for once instead of running around, sweating, & coaching all day**

**Between my commute & the fact that Nash doesn't get a lot of outside play time, I have been half ass looking at houses to buy closer to where I work**

**I am in my cousin's wedding 29 days from now, I was planning on getting my manicure/pedicure done in 2 weeks on pay day but I cannot stop biting my nails!  They are disgustingly short right now**

**Some days I feel like I'm never going to meet anyone, especially now that I barely have time to eat & shower most days because I spend about 2 hours on the road & 9-11 hours at work**

**I know there will be times when it's super frustrating but I'm getting really excited for my road trip home with Nash at the end of the month**

**I'm ready for fall, this heat can suck it**

**I hate my downstairs neighbors with a passion & they know it.  The other night all I had to do was open my patio door when they were being loud as all get out at like 11:30 at night, ON A WEDNESDAY, & I hear one of them go "shhh she's up there!"**

**It's really starting to bother me that the school year starts in 17 days & I have no idea what class(es) I'm teaching**

**So far I really love all of the people that I've met that I'll be working with this year**

**I'm going to a concert on Sunday & while I know it'll be a blast, it's my one day without volleyball or staff development from the 1st-11th & a part of me just wants to be lazy all day & night**

**No pictures, no GIFs, no link up, just random thoughts.  How's that for unattractive old school blogging**

*mic drop*


  1. Love your random thoughts and you deserve a lazy day and night!!! I do think you should get a house closer, commutes can wear you down. Have fun this weekend sweet girl!

    1. I'm really hoping that I wind up staying in the district & can find a house to buy for next summer!

  2. living close to work is awesome; my director lives legit 2 mins away AND HE DRIVES IN lol

  3. Sometimes you gotta switch it up. I did it to my Wed. posts and my Friday post has always been a catch all. #myblogmyrules

    I would struggled if I didn't know what I would be doing too. I would also probably be trying to find a new place to live with less commute, especially if you are thinking of staying at that school for a while. It's too bad that bringing dogs to work with you isn't acceptable everywhere.

  4. I used to consistently link up with AManda for Friday favorites, but I noticed like no one from the link up would visit/comment on my posts, so I stopped. I've kinda been on a Tues/Thurs schedule (when I actually do get a post up, which has also been seriously lacking lately). I like this new schedule though. I'd be losing it if I started in nearly 2 weeks and didn't know what I'm teaching. Have a great weekend!

  5. Yay for your road trip home! I'm sure your parents are excited about meeting Nash! I've been pretty over Friday Favorites too lately.

  6. Well, at least you've put the fear of God into your neighbors, haha.

  7. Friday Free For All is the only way to describe August right now. I always love that you post your grateful moments. It's one thing I'm hoping to emulate.

  8. Holy cow, 137? That's awesome!! I hear you on the long commute. Depending on the day, my commute can take anywhere from 45 minutes to almost 2 hours, one way. It's 14 miles. #PhiladelphiaTraffic That can take a lot out of you. House hunting can be fun, too!! :)

  9. Loud neighbors are The Worst. I am so glad I'm moving next week!

  10. Glad you like all of your co-workers so far. That can make all the difference!

  11. Road trip with Nash should be interesting. I hope you blog about it all.