Friday, July 28, 2017

The Last One In July

This week was all volleyball camp for me.  Summer always makes me forget just how exhausting being at work really is.  Even if you're not doing a whole lot the entire time.  Monday & Tuesday were both extremely long days.  I was at work for 10 hours with an hour commute each way.  Wednesday & Thursday got progressively shorter with the high school camp being shorter on Wednesday & nonexistent on Thursday.  Now I have a 4 day weekend, thank goodness, & then am right back at it starting Tuesday, with teacher training also being thrown in at the end of the week.  I do have a couple of plans for my 4 day weekend but a lot of it is just going to be spent with Nash since he was abandoned by me all week.  I hope that y'all have a fantastic weekend!  Linking up with Miss Amanda for Friday Favorites!
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Moments I'm Grateful For
21 - Random shenanigans in Deep Ellum
22 - Getting to see a former student/athlete get married
23 - Nash doing so well in his crate all day
24 - Working with amazing coaches
25 - Nash doing so well in
26 - Getting out of volleyball earlier than expected
27 - Coaches lunch at the end of camp


  1. I like that you're entertaining Nash with his washrag while also #priorities.

  2. Glad that Nash is settling into crate life! That will hopefully make your ease into the school year a little bit better!

  3. Don't worry about Nash too much, he'll settle into life at home. I used to run home to see chanel until i realised she was sleeping and chilling all day and probably enjoying not being cuddled 24/7 haha