Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tell Me What's Your Fantasy

So this year I have two fantasy football teams.  Not because I necessarily wanted two, but because when I set the time for my first draft for this past Thursday I didn't have any plans.  But then a friend asked me to go do dance lessons & I knew my complete freedom would be ending on Monday I wasn't about to say no.  As luck would have it, my draft was at the exact time I needed to leave to meet her.  So all of my players got auto drafted for me.  So I also set up a draft for Sunday morning because I knew I wasn't going to be making any plans.  With preseason just 2 weeks away & regular season just 43 days away, here are my two line-ups.  Both teams are on & both are just a part of the free fantasy leagues.  When I'm not being auto-drafted I like to follow Sarah's tips and strategy for nailing your fantasy draft.

The Magic Skoll Bus (that time I got auto-drafted)
QB - Russel Wilson (SEA)

RB - Mark Ingram (NO), Ezekiel Elliott (DAL), LeGarrette Blount (PHI), Paul Perkins (NYG), James White (NE)

WR - T.Y. Hilton (IND), Brandin Cooks (NE), Allen Robinson (JAX), Jeremy Maclin (BAL), Cameron Meredith (CHI)

TE - Travis Kelce (KC), Hunter Henry (LAC)

K - Ban Bailey (DAL)

DEF - New England Patriots

Yes, you ARE seeing correctly.  I was drafted ONE QB, Kicker, & Defense... and FIVE RB & WR.  Now for the most part I left it alone.  I figured "what the hell?!  Let's see what happens!"  I did however drop a couple players just so I could have a backup for my QB, Kicker, & Defense.  I wound up dropping 2 Running Backs (Perkins & White) and 1 WR (Maclin).  

I picked up Sam Bradford (QB/MIN), Kai Forbath (K/MIN), & Los Angeles Rams (DEF).  I almost picked up Bortles instead of Bradford because he is projected to better than Bradford but I wanted to see what Bradford might do this year.  I also almost picked up Blair Walsh, who is now with Seattle, over Forbath because I felt like Walsh was done a little dirty last season with the Vikings and he's not too far behind Forbath on projected points, but again I wanted to see what Forbath might do this season.  Defense I'm not going to lie I just picked the top remaining projected team & went with it.

Purple Reign
QB - Aaron Rodgers (GB), Alex Smith (KC)

RB - Melvin Gordon (LAC), Leonard Fournette (JAX), Mark Ingram (NO)

WR - Amari Cooper (OAK), Tyreek Hill (KC), Eric Decker (TEN), Davante Adams (GB)

TE - Zach Ertz (PHI), Cameron Brate (TB)

K - Blair Walsh (SEA), Chris Boswell (PIT)

DEF - LA Rams, Carolina Panthers


  1. Looks like a winning team to me!!!

    1. Thanks! I hope so! I got 3rd last year doing a free league on here. If I can get 3rd or better again this year I might start doing a cheap league for money.

  2. Oh man you have a great lineup!! xo,Biana-BlovedBoston

  3. Its so funny that I have no idea who any of these people are.

    1. I lie. I know Russel Wilson - hes the dude married to Ciara right? See - I know something

  4. Looking like that is a great team you have put together. haha I don't know anything about football. There was a Patriot's player in the store one day talking to me and when he left people were like do you know who that was talking to you?? I had no idea. Even know I don't even remember his name.

  5. Awesome team!! I so miss doing fantasy football!!

  6. Love the title haha. There's a new throwback rap/r&b station around here that keeps playing that song. I'm totally clueless with fantasy football, but I did play fantasy hockey for like three or four years.

  7. Soooo I need to know what kind of dance lessons you went to! That sounds like fun!!