Friday, July 21, 2017

In My Absence

So I haven't blogged in a hot minute.  Just over a week.  I actually had posts drafted for this whole week.  I've actually had posts drafted for every day since I last posted.  But either life or motivation got in the way of me actually writing in those posts & hitting publish.  I was going to start with next Monday but I decided that instead I'll just share some things I've been up to since then & the moments I've been grateful for.  Starting Monday I go back to work so I'm making no promises that I'll actually be back consistently.  I am going to attempt to get some blogging done this weekend but I have a concert tonight & a wedding tomorrow so we'll see how much actually gets done...  Anyway, on with what I've been up to & grateful for.  Linking up with Miss Amanda!

Pictures From My Phone

Moments I'm Grateful For
7 - Supper with a friend from Colorado
8 - Double dog date
9 - Brunch with old co-workers
10 - A full day of nothing
11 - Finally getting my MOH shoes ordered
12 - Puppy cuddles
13 - Orientation for my new job
14 - Dance lessons
15 - Third Eye Blind concert
16 - Being introduced to a new snow cone place
17 - Uber Eats
18 - Finally being able to donate blood this month
19 - Meeting my fellow volleyball coaches
20 - 1 month with Nash


  1. That nail colour is so cute! And puppy cuddles must make the week so much better :)

  2. The blue nail color is great! Nothing wrong with not blogging for awhile! Need that drink, lol.

    1. Thank you! I'm in need of another pedi!

  3. Love your new shoes, and I've been loving all the photos of Nash! He's such a cutie!

  4. Do we want to know why there's a hole in the wall?? haha

  5. A full day of nothing sounds amazing. Nash is the cutest!