Thursday, July 13, 2017

Three on Thursday: Puppy Edition

On this random edition of Three on Thursday... Three things that have been my saving grace with Nash.

My friends Helen & Caleb actually gave me this for free.  They had it from when they first got their dog a few years ago.  So far I've only taught Nash how to sit with this but it's a start.  I don't even have to use the clicker anymore to get him to sit.

 Frozen Wash Cloth
He gets so excited about this.  The second I go to the freezer he knows this is what I'm going for & waits at the baby gate for it.  It gets him to stop chewing on anything else at least until it thaws out.  That's why I usually have the one he's using & a back up in the freezer.

 Spray Bottle
He doesn't HATE the spray bottle, but it shocks him just long enough that I can get him to stop what he's doing & distract him with something else.


  1. Snapping my fingers = my clicker. The problem is when I snap at people to get them to do something... Ooopsssss.. lol

    Glad he's progressing!

  2. Hawkeye has no clue how to sit, it's not something I ever taught her, so Nash is winning! (She does know 'sit pretty' where she begs and 'twirl' where she spins in a circle though. Priorities.)

  3. I need to get a spray bottle I heard it works better for cats than dogs. Oh and Nash is cute (broken record).

  4. So smart! I wish I would have done the clicker and the frozen wash cloth when Dolly was a puppy! I did do the spray bottle... but she was a wild thing, needless to say it didn't work on her, haha! Nash is a cutie!

    1. Lol the spray bottle worked for all of a few days... then, well you've seen the video hahaha. He turned into a psycho water loving dog.

  5. My parents are using a clicker for their puppy and it's amazing how well it works!

  6. I really did not know that about the frozen wash cloth. That's a great tip for the future if I can ever live in a place that will let me get a puppy. What a cheap way and effective way to keep Nash occupied!

  7. I never would have thought to use a frozen wash cloth! Such a good idea.