Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How My Spring Goals Turned Out

Summer is here!  My summer vacation started this past Friday & I am currently in Colorado on a mini road trip with some friends.  Last month when I checked in with my spring goals I had 3 completed, 3 in progress, 1 failed, & 3 not even started.  Here's what I managed to complete over the past 3 months.

1. Donate Blood - On April 22 I donated blood

2. Get to 1500 followers on IG - As of June 1 I was at 1130 (which is up 152 from a month ago & 241 from April...sadly I didn't actually mark where I started) on my personal/blog IG which is what this goal is for.  I'm only at 318 (which is up 132 from a month ago & 221 from April...I also didn't mark where I started on that one) on my Fort Worth/DFW IG that I would also like to grow.  So, if you're not following me...go do so!  #shamelessplug Also, use my hashtag #mylifeas :)

3. Read 6 books
I read 1...

4. Visit a museum

5. Run a 5K

6. Get another tattoo

7. Complete 3 months of photo-a-day challenge - I'm doing the #FMSPAD on Instagram

8. Make a pie on Pi Day

9. Watch 3 of the Best Pictures movies from 2005-2015
I'm calling this a pass but also most likely taking it off my 101 list...aka just going to fail it & not care.  I didn't actually watch 3 of them this spring but when looking at the list I've seen 5 without trying.  Also, I clearly couldn't math well because I meant to do 10 years worth & that's 11.  Whatever.  My list.  My rules.

10. Do a 30 day fitness challenge - In April I completed the 30 miles in 30 days challenge with Erin.  I actually did about 65 miles.

Completed: 5
Failed: 5

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  1. Great work!! I have a feeling that I failed so much more than you did on spring goals, lol.