Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Week In Colorado: Where We Ate

Sloan's Lake Tap & Burger
When we got to Denver we got all settled into our AirBNB & then headed out for supper.  We went to Sloan's Lake Tap & Burger.  I got Smashed LTO Burger with fries a Mama's Little Yella Pills by Oskar Blues Brewery our of Lyons, CO

For brunch on the 2nd day we went to Snooze.  I got a Green Tom Bloody Mary with bacon and the Snooze Classic with a chocolate chip pancake.

We mistakenly thought our Rockies game was our 2nd day so we walked over to Coors Field only to realize the game was the next day.  So we went to ViewHouse which is right next to the field to have some drinks on the rooftop.  This was their Jacked Up drink.  It's basically a blackberry mojito but with Jack Daniels as the liquor.  Not pictured: the VH Lemonade I also had which was basically an alcoholic pink lemonade.

For supper on the 2nd day we went to el Camino because we had read great reviews & they 
had $1 tacos for Taco Tuesday.  The food was good.  We got queso with chorizo, jalapenos, & cilantro to start out.  I also got a margarita & then one of each of their tacos (al pastor, carne asada, carnitas, chicken, chicken chicaron, veggie) ...well I didn't get the veggie because meat.  Our service was horrible though.

To end our 2nd night in Denver we went to Hogshead Brewery for a beer where I got their Lake Lightning.

On the 3rd day we got to downtown before the place we wanted brunch at was open so we got coffee first since that is what makes the world go round.  I just got a basic mocha.

When you're on vacation for a week, especially when you're already on summer break, you tend to forget what day of the week it is.  It was a week day & this particular place only does brunch on the weekends.  Oh well, we were there, we were hungry, & the place was cute.  I got the Cheddah Pig Fries with a bloody.

Crafty Fox Taphouse & Pizzeria
After the Rockies v Indians game we went out for beers & supper.  We each just got wings & shared some fried pickles.  We each also got our own beer to start with but then because it was happy hour & they had cheap 5 oz beers, we each ordered 3 & then just shared so we could taste even more.  The ones that we shared included:
Little Machine Razz Against The Machine
Left Hand Sawtooth Nitro
Horse & Dragon Sad Panda
Redstone Meadery Sunshine Nectar
Great Divide Roadie Grapefruit Nectar
Melvin Killer Bees
Diebolt Perk Coffee Saison
Ninkasi Triverahops
Telluride Face Down Brown
Comerade Quit Stalin
Mockery Strawberry Mockerita
Outer Range Final Summit Saison

I had previously been to the Voodoo in Austin but no one else had been & I never turn down donuts so we made a donut run the night before leaving Denver.  We got an Old Dirty Bastard, Oh Captain My Captain, Chuckles, Bacon Maple Bar, Portland Cream, & an Apple Fritter.

One night while we were staying with friends near Breckenridge we decided to go into town for supper instead of eating at the house like we had been.  I got a flight of 10 oz beers because it was a better deal than the 32 oz beer.  I of course didn't finish all of them because that's a lot of beer & food.  I got the Colorado Blonde, Buttface Amber Ale, & Disorder Porter.  I can't find the burger that I ordered on their menu anymore.  The one that sounds the closest is the Huevos Green Chili burger.  That very well could be it but for some reason I was thinking it had a different name.  Also, mine didn't come open face & there was definitely jalapeno.  I really thought it had cowboy in the name.  I totally ate that whole jalapeno on the top by the way...

On the day that we drove back to Texas we stopped in Colorado Springs to go hiking at the Garden of the Gods.  Afterwards we stopped in town for lunch.  The Dive had good reviews so we went in.  It was mediocre.  The ranch sucked which is how y'all know I judge a place.  I got the breakfast BLT which was on special.  It was just a BLT on a bun with an egg.  It was good but I could've made better.  At least there was a pickle?

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  1. If the ranch isn't good, I won't come back. #RanchLyfe is serious.