Friday, May 26, 2017

Ready For the Long Weekend

I am so excited that it's a long weekend!  Not that it's REALLY necessary because a week from now I'll be done for the summer, but hey I'll take a long weekend whenever handed one!  I hope that y'all stay safe & have a fun weekend.  Don't forget to remember those who gave their lives for our country.  After all, that is why so many of us get this long weekend away from work.  Linking up with Miss Amanda for Friday Favorites.

What I Was Up To
Monday I woke up in such a good mood knowing that it was my last Monday of the school year.  So even when there was an accident on my way to work that caused me to get to work 15 minutes later than normal, or when I accidentally Tokyo Drifted into a lane because the roads were slick (don't worry no one was hurt & zero damage was done.  If it hadn't been accidental it would've been a bad ass looking, perfectly executed drift...or so I imagine in my head), my mood was not altered.  No more Mondays until at least August...heck yes!

Last Thursday/Friday I gave my kids an 86 review final.  I told them if I got 70% of their classes back by Monday/Tuesday we could watch movies right up until the final.  As predicted this did not happen.  Despite getting 2 full days in class, and 4 days when they could have done it for homework, I only got 28-55% back depending on the class.  Guess who has to keep doing school work now?  That's right, my children.  When my conference period hit at the end of the day I immediately locked the door behind my last kid, turned off the lights, & watched a couple of episodes of One Tree Hill.

**I've got nothing but summer on my mind.  Right next to my desk at work I have a calendar of MN Twins & TX Rangers games as well as a map of the 10 hiking trails some friends & I plan on trying to hit up.**

THE BLOG: I recapped my weekend full of relaxation & productivity

Tuesday I was on edge with my kids.  Again I only got like 30-50% of the assignments turned in but unlike my A day kids, my B day kids pretty much all chose to screw around during class instead of using the time to work.  I was supposed to have a date at 4:30 but because I wasn't super feeling it & I was supposed to meet a friend for a concert at 7 an hour away, I cancelled.  This is why I'm single people.  So instead of my after school date I went home & took myself an after school nap.

After my nap I got changed & headed up to Lava Cantina to meet a friend for a concert.  We saw Fastball, Vertical Horizon, & Everclear.  Except for a few minor microphone issues in the beginning, the concert was a blast.  We met a few fun people around us, one who guilt tripped a guy into buying my friend & I drinks because the guy had spilled part of mine when trying to start a mosh an Everclear concert need I remind you.  A couple of the people next to us are even going to the same concert I'm going to on Thursday.  After the show we went to Rock & Brews for some food which I failed to take a picture of because I was so hungry.  Shockingly I got a burger.  It was good though!

I shared a Tinder conversation I had with a guy where I spoke in only Tami Taylor quotes from Friday Night Lights

Wednesday I was so exhausted that I brought a pillow and a blanket to work.  I had good intentions of taking a nap either during my lunch or during my conference.  However, I was STARVING by lunch so I couldn't give that up & then a student brought me a Dr. Pepper from Sonic during my last class so that perked me up a bit.  I 100% took a nap when I got home though & then just watched One Tree Hill until bedtime.

THE BLOG: I gave my perspectives on friendships

Thursday was my last "regular" class day with my students.  The last 4 days of school are review & final exam days.  Not that this really effects my class.  All that really meant for me was that Thursday was the last day I had my students do any type of work before their final.  The last 4 days for me will be movies, their test, & back to a movie when everyone finishes said test.

After work I went home for a little bit so that I could shower, change, & eat something before driving to Dallas.  I went to my very first rock concert by myself.  I've been to plenty of rock concerts, & plenty of concerts by myself, but I've never been to a rock concert by myself.  I had a few friends that were interested but they either had stuff come up or the tickets had gone up too high in price by the time they went to buy.  It was a lot of fun.  It was at South Side Ballroom in Dallas.  I got to see Sum 41 (7th grade me was over the moon) & Pierce the Veil.  I walked in on the last song of the first opener, Chapel, so I can't really judge them.  I did see all of the second act, Emarosa.  I wasn't impressed.  Not that they were bad, their music was good, but I could not stand the front man.  He came off way too cocky and arrogant.  It killed it for me.  

There did come a point in the show though where I realized I might be getting old.  With about an hour left my mind got consumed with my craving for a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's.  And then with just 15 minutes left of the show when the lead singer of PTV asked the crowd "are you tired?!"  I stood there thinking "well I mean I've been up since 5 am so kind of..." while everyone around me yelled "HELL NO!"  Don't worry, I made it to the end...and got my spicy chicken sandwich!

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Things That Made Me Laugh


Moments I'm Grateful For
19 - Girls' Night Out
20 - A day at home to do laundry, dishes, & cook
21 - Parents who support me & help me out when I need it
23 - A random concert night with a new friend
24 - A student who brought me a Dr. Pepper from Sonic
25 - Going to see Sum 41 & Pierce the Veil as my first solo rock concert


  1. I haven't been in school in years but I still call a work night a school night and I totally do not like to go out on a school night. I need my sleep. hahaha Pathetic, I know. Have a great weekend.

  2. Yay for the long weekend! That concert sounds like it was a lot of fun!! Hope you enjoy your weekend :)

  3. I love going to concerts! That one you went to sounds like a blast! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. That concert sounds like a blast- and you are so brave for going on your own!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. Omg that totally would have been me at the concert. As it is, I went to a concert last weekend, and my whole body hurt the next day from several hours of standing. Eek. And that Target meme cracked me up! SO TRUE.

    1. Haha I'm definitely getting old. I didn't even attempt to get into the crowd for the second show!

  6. The BRB thing. So flipping true (and sad)

  7. DUDE.. What an awesome concert! Fastball, Vertical Horizon, and Everclear makes me super jealous. You know how I love me some 90s bands.