Friday, May 5, 2017

Feliz Cinco De Mayo

Happy Friday & Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!  This week was extremely easy for me.  It was state testing week so we watched some type of movie/documentary every single day.  I am still extremely glad it's Friday.  It may not have been a hard week but it was certainly a long one!  I don't really have any Cinco De Mayo themed plans for the night/weekend but I am going to a concert tonight so that should be fun.  I hope that y'all had a fabulous week & have a fantastic weekend!  Linking up with Amanda for some Friday Favorites!

This week I hit over 1000 followers on my Instagram account!  Later today I will be starting a giveaway on there that will run through Monday!  If you aren't following me yet make sure to go do so!  And if you already are, first of all thank you.  Second of all, be sure to watch out for the post where I announce the giveaway & enter!  

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What I Was Up To
Monday was the start of round 2 of state testing.  Because it was the biology test & I teach freshmen, I had to proctor a test.  This one actually wasn't nearly as bad as the English one I had to do earlier in the semester.  Instead of 5 hours, they only get get 4 hours with this one.  That's still too long by the way.  I had 16 kids.  The first one finished in just over an hour.  The last one took just under 2.5 hours.  That kid only took that long because they didn't want to be done in time to go to his second campus for class.  That meant for about an hour & a half we all just sat there... that was ALL of the classes.  Except for one.  Apparently we were all held because 1 kid wanted to take their sweet time.  I wasn't planning on seeing any of my kids that day because originally we were going to be released to the last lunch but because everyone got done earlier than expected, they got released earlier.  So we watched Goosebumps in the one class I had.  I then watched Scandal on my conference & then headed home for you guessed it, more Scandal.

For April my goal was to do 30 miles in 30 days.  I more than doubled this.  Some days I just barely made my mile while other days I got 3-4.  I decided for May I wanted to step it up & hit 6000 steps a day.  I have a FitBit but I don't use it anymore.  Instead I use an app on my phone.  That means that it's just a rough idea of steps/miles because unless I have my phone on me, it doesn't count them.  However, day 1 was a success.  I had over 4200 steps before noon because of walking around watching kids test.  By the end of the day I had over 7300.

THE BLOG: I recapped my weekend full of Scandal & shenanigans

Tuesday juniors were testing so I had regular classes.  However, because of the whole not seeing my B day kids for a week, my A day kids finished watching Jungle Book/Blank Check & then started Ferngully.  I LOVE Ferngully.  It used to be one of my favorite movies as a kid & I still never get tired of it.  State testing means we get to wear jeans.  Tuesday was also college day though so I basically got dressed for a Saturday.  I threw on some jeans, a college t-shirt, & then a college hoodie.  Life is good in jeans.  I had plans of being productive while my kids watched movies.  Ya know grading or working on my paper.  Instead I blogged & messed around online.  Well I did apply for some jobs & email some principals so I guess that's semi-productive.

My plan for after work was Starbucks to try the new Midnight Mint Mocha, go for a walk to hit my steps goal, get Chipotle, watch Scandal.  Well I got the Starbucks.  It's amazing by the way!  It tastes like a Thin Mint.  I'll be going back at some point during their happy hour to get it for cheaper.  However, it was pushing 90 when I got home so instead it went Scandal, Chipotle, walk at sunset.  It was teacher appreciation week so Tuesday was BOGO Chipotle.  It is literally my favorite part of teacher appreciation week.  I also decided that walks around the lake at sunset are the best.  It's pretty, it's cool, & it's less crowded.  Plus, it's sort of the perfect way to end the night before bed.

THE BLOG: I checked in with how I've been doing with my spring goals

Wednesday they didn't have me proctoring the state test for some reason.  Although I'm not going to complain because proctoring sucks.  But I still don't know why they didn't because it's mainly a freshmen test & I teach freshmen.  In my first block I had TWO students.  That's right, TWO.  They didn't want to watch a movie so while they played on their electronics I watched Scandal at my desk.  My second class only had 10 kids... they wanted to watch a movie so they picked out Lilo & Stitch to watch while I got work done at my computer.  All day I had crickets in my room.  And by in my room I mean in my ceiling.  There would be periods when they'd go silent but then there would be other times when they'd chirp non-stop for 30+ minutes at a time.  I thought I was going to lose it.  My last class of the day only had 5 kids, who I forced to watch Honey, I Shrunk The Kids after they tried to get me to let them watch White Chicks.  That's right.  I had a grand total of 15 kids all day.

After work I went to the grocery store.  I don't really know why I got it in my mind that I was going to do so.  I normally go on Sundays.  I had planned on using my last remaining free delivery from Instacart but when I went to check out it said I no longer had any free ones left.  I was going to have the stuff delivered Friday after work so that I wouldn't have to worry about it over the weekend.  I suppose that's probably why I decided to just go & get it done.  Going right after work is actually kind of nice.  I get out at 3 so by 4:30 I was home from grocery shopping.  I had to deal with almost no one else at the store.  I finished the last half of the final episode of Scandal available on Netflix, started working on the final touches of my case study, & then went for a walk to get my steps in.

THE BLOG: I confessed a lot about teaching & what drives me batty.

Thursday was a shit show.  I had planned a fun activity for my students that had to do with their MAJOR GRADE project that had been due last Friday.  I got less than half of them.  Some still trickled in during the week but not enough.  So I put on a documentary recommended by other teachers in my district for my first period.  BIG MISTAKE!  Thankfully it was my best class that saw it because it was filled with the F word.  Thanks Dennis Rodman...  My 2nd period got the lecture of a lifetime when they couldn't stop talking & then said that the video was boring & wanted to know why *I* was doing this to *them*  No did this with your laziness & inability to follow directions.  I made sure to pre-scare my last class so that they would just silently watch the video the whole time.  They did.  I spent most of the time that my kids were watching videos working on my case study. 

I made two big mistakes when I got home from work.  The first one being, after I ate some food...I took a nap that lasted an hour-hour & a half.  The second one being that I was still so tired that I made coffee while I went on my walk to get my steps in.  So sometime after 7 pm I drank coffee.  Yeah, that'll help you get back to sleep...  Did I do anything productive with my time since I couldn't sleep?  Of course not.  I made a Spotify playlist for storms, I trolled some guy on Tinder (post coming soon-ish), I messaged some guys on Match but in a serious way because Match, & painted my nails.  

THE BLOG: I showed off my new clothes that I recently added to my closet.

Things That Made Me Laugh

Moments I'm Grateful For
28 - Wine & pizza
29 - My first time at a comedy club
30 - A day to recover from shenanigans
1 - Getting over my step goal
2 - BOGO Chipotle
3 - Grocery shopping/meal planning completed early
4 - Hit the teens for remaining number of school days


  1. Glad you had a rather easy week! I'm LOL'ing pretty hard over that how I got dressed meme - so true! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Oh girl, I cannot drink coffee past 2 or I am in major trouble!! Your new clothes are all so cute!! For some reason I can see you a couple of those dresses with cowboy cute!! Happy Cinco de Mayo, I know you are having Mexican today, right?? LOL

    1. I definitely rock most dresses with cowboy boots lol. Whenever I can get away with it & make it look right, boots over dress shoes. I was in major trouble! I didn't fall asleep until sometime between 12:30-1. To the point where I had 3 cups of coffee ready to be made this morning & I got up, added 3 more so that when I made it I could bring more along to work. I will definitely be finding Mexican! Have a great weekend!

  3. Testing week is the best! And it means school is almost over for the year! That friends reference meme made me laugh so hard!

  4. Trying the new Midnight Mint Mocha is on my list!! I'm waiting for the happy hour next week. It sounds like school is almost over for you- which I know is a good thing.!

  5. I'm so excited to try the Midnight mint mocha! Maybe today! And Chipotle...yum! Love the veggie burrito! Your memes cracked me up...especially the friends one! I think we could definitely hang out :)

    1. It's so good! You have to try it! There needs to be some magic transportation that allows bloggers who don't live near each other to hang out easily lol. Happy Friday!

  6. hahah over the getting dressed meme...i was a walking disaster!

  7. OMG the memes!!! I hate proctoring!

  8. YAY for the teens on remaining school days. That's so close! We are headed to a Cinco de Mayo party tonight, and I'm so ready for all the Mexican food! Haha. I need to try the Midnight Mint Mocha. It sounds SO good.

  9. I got the email about the new SB mint drink and I want it so bad!!!! State testing. Ugh. I hated those tests when I was younger. Always so stressful!! And seriously, who asks to sit at the table over a booth?! Animals!!! Lol

  10. I tried the Midnight Mint Mocha after seeing it on your Instagram. It was very good. That meme about the kids' clothes is true...we did not get dressed like little Pinterest-worthy models when we were growing up!

  11. I loved the free meal at Chipotle when I was working in the States, too! And congrats on hitting the milestone of 1,000 Instagram followers. :D

  12. My name is Batty, the logic is erratic!
    Ferngully is by far one of my favoritest movies evvvaarrr.