Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spring Goals Check In #1

About a month ago I shared my goals for this spring with y'all.  The first month of spring flew by, as most months seem to these days.  So I'm back today to check in with what I have accomplished so far within the first month of spring.  

1. Donate Blood - I have an appointment to donate on Saturday.  I haven't been taking my iron supplements like I did last time so we'll see if I'm actually able to or not.

2. Get to 1500 followers on IG - I'm currently at 889 on my personal/blog IG which is what this goal is for.  I'm only at 97 on my Fort Worth/DFW IG that I would also like to grow.  So, if you're not following me...go do so!  #shamelessplug

3. Read 6 books

4. Visit a museum

5. Run a 5K

6. Get another tattoo - I got tattoo # 8 on March 11

7. Complete 3 months of photo-a-day challenge - I'm doing the #FMSPAD on Instagram

8. Make a pie on Pi Day - Fail.  I had good intentions.  I even blogged some pie recipes.  But I wound up hanging out with one friend all day & another friend all night.

9. Watch 3 of the Best Pictures movies from 2005-2015

10. Do a 30 day fitness challenge - On the 1st of this month I started the 30 miles in 30 days challenge with Erin


  1. Doing iti girl!!! Yay to the 30 miles in 30 days, that's a goodie and you're awesome!! Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!!

    1. Thank you! So far so good! The first 3 days anyway lol. Have a great day!