Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Winter Goals - How I Did

Last week I posted about what my goals for the spring are.  Today I'm here to give you a final recap on just how I did with my winter goals.  I started out so strong but then February was a blur.  Does anyone else feel like they blinked & February was over?  I mean I know it's a shorter month but still!

1. Donate Blood [#3 29 by 29/#42 101 in 1001]

2. Spend NYE with a Significant Other [#8 29 by 29/#13 101 in 1001]

3. Eat at 6 New Bars/Restaurants [#9 29 by 29/#21 101 in 1001]

4. Get My Own Place [#11 29 by 29]

5. Watch the Sunrise on New Year's Day [#14 29 by 29/#81 101 in 1001]

6. Send Christmas Cards [#15 29 by 29/#86 101 in 1001]

7. Read 6 Books [#18 29 by 29/#10 101 in 1001]

8. Do a 30 Day Fitness Challenge [#19 29 by 29/#15 101 in 1001]

9. Build a Snowman [#27 29 by 29/#84 101 in 1001]

10. Visit a Museum [#29 29 by 29/#31 101 in 1001]

The only change from the last recap to this final one is that I officially moved into my own place.  Other than that nothing else was accomplished.  I came close to finishing the book one.  I read almost 5 whole books.  I didn't have a SO on NYE but I did spend it with Helen & Caleb which is how I spent the previous NYE as well.  I didn't even attempt to start a 30 day fitness challenge & February went by so fast that I didn't even have time to think about going to a museum.

Maybe just maybe spring will be the one where I go 10/10.

What are some of your goals either for March or for spring?


  1. 6/10 isn't bad girl. Iwant to purge purge purge the spring, and get all my stuff in storage way more organized. We're going to be building a house this year so I don't want to be in total disarray when that time comes.

    1. Thank you! That's exciting! I get in random purge moods for my closet.

  2. Not bad at all!! One of my MAIN goals I am working on is flat stomach! I am 3 months out from my wedding and honeymoon and thats the goal!

  3. February went soooo fast for me as well!! I honestly couldn't believe it!

  4. You got over half, I call that a win. Girl dont get me started on fitness goals. Usually I crush mine but haven't gotten my mojo back yet.

  5. You're doing great gurlie, and February totally flew by! I couldn't be happier for spring being around the corner <3
    Green Fashionista