Friday, March 10, 2017

It's Spring Break!!

MY SPRING BREAK STARTS AT 2:55 today!!  Each day this week went surprisingly fast.  The week as a whole however has gone by so slow.  I was so excited to turn my alarm off this morning knowing that I wouldn't have to set another one until the 20th.  I was supposed to have a date tonight but I'm cancelling it this morning.  I'll talk about more why on Monday when I do my weekend recap.  Today I'm linking up with Amanda!

What I Was Up To
Monday flew by which was nice.  After work I headed up to Old Chicago.  I was just going to get one beer & then go home but I was starving so I also got a little personal pizza with my beer followed by a Moscow Mule because they're on special on Mondays & I was on the phone with the best friend who insisted I had to have one because they're the best ever there.  It was so nice out that when I got home, forever & a day later because rush hour & construction don't mix, I sat on my balcony to watch the sunset & drink a glass of wine.  I headed inside to watch more Shameless.  A guy I had started talking to last week asked me when we could get together.  We agreed on Friday.  He told me that he would let me know Tuesday what the plan was.  I'm not going to lie, I'm not SUPER pumped about it just because we've hardly talked at all & so my interest has declined from when we first started talking.  I started talking to a different guy on Monday which also made my interest go down a little because I'm more into man #2.

THE BLOG: I recapped my weekend of unpacking & 3 am chats about cattle and crops.

Tuesday did not fly by because B days never fly by.  I'm not going to say I dread B days but I certainly don't look forward to them.  When I got to work I had to put my desks back into groups because someone had used my classroom after school on Monday apparently & didn't bother to return it to the way it was.  After my kids left for the day I decided to rearrange my desks yet again becaue their group project was over & I get bored with the desk set up easily.  Also, I really do love that moment of shock & confusion when they walk in & the desks are different.  It's the little things in life...  I left work about 20 min early so I could run to the post office & then head up to Old Chicago so I could have a beer, some fries, & then get my "free" t-shirt for the St. Patrick's Day Mini Tour.  I got home, talked to the best friend on the phone for awhile, never heard from Friday date guy, watched Shameless, talked to new guy & potentially set up a date with him for Sunday.

Does anyone remember Mr. Midwest?  Well on Tuesday he decided to invite my to a Randy Houser concert for south Texas.  And by south Texas I mean basically the Mexican border (8 hours away from where I live because he's apparently currently working down there.)  I have not seen him in 7 months.  I have not responded to him in like 2 or 3 months & he hasn't even attempted to text me in a month or 2.  It's time to let it go buddy.  You didn't want me when you had me & I clearly am not having it now so just move on.

THE BLOG: I shared how I did on my winter goals...not the best but not the worst.

Wednesday my kids were suspiciously well behaved.  My A Day kids are always my better kids.  For the most part they always get their work done & aren't extremely obnoxious or rude.  However, on Wednesday they were quiet even for them.  I had one student walk in late to my second class & he asked if they had all gotten in trouble that's how quiet they were.  Considering it's the week right before spring break this is not normal.  Stereotypically students are off the flippin walls right before a long break.  I refused to question it.  Don't rock the boat.  I was supposed to have my meeting about my formal observation but my appraiser had to be off campus so it got moved.  I jumped on the charcoal bandwagon.  I ordered toothpaste & a face mask.  They should be arriving today so I'll have all of spring break to try them out without having to deal with real life ha.  If I were a better blogger I would remember & give credit to exactly who suggested the face mask that I ordered.  I selected a different toothpaste though.  I'll let y'all know at the end of the month what I think about them as well as the shampoo I got last weekend.  I finished watching season 6 on Shameless.  The best friend downloaded season 7 for me so next time I see him I can get that & start it.

THE BLOG: I hopped on the Myers-Briggs train & shared a little insight to who I am.

Thursday my kids kept bringing me food & it made me happy.  First period a girl brought me mini brownie bites because "you're happier when you're eating."  Second period a kid that is in culinary brought me gumbo & chicken with cheese & jalapenos wrapped in bacon.  Then third period happened & I lost it.  They would not stop talking while I was talking so I yelled, kicked a kid out, & then it was silent the rest of the period.  I had my meeting to discuss my formal observation.  I did well.  My appraiser had made a couple of mistakes & marked me too low on certain things so she fixed those.  Yay me!  My grad class was super lame.  I normally love that class but I'm pretty sure that everyone was just in spring break mode & didn't want to do anything.  For the first chapter that was presented literally no one said anything after the girl sort of explained the chapter.  So finally I said one thing & then it just died again from there.  There was a little bit of debate/arguing over the second chapter but not a whole lot.  We were in & out in an hour & a half rather than the two & a half we're normally there.  Katherine had to proctor a midterm so only Emily & I went out after class.  I was so exhausted that even though I probably didn't go to sleep until 10, I was in bed by like 8:30-8:45.

THE BLOG: I shared my Love Language results.

Things That Made Me Laugh

The more men I meet....

How I justify my poor eating habits...

When my body decided to get the flu literally 1 day after I decided to start eating healthy...

Things I'm Loving
Riesling is normally my go to wine but one day I randomly grabbed Barefoot Refresh because it was cheaper than the already cheap wine I buy & it was awesome.

In my opinion Easter candy is the best candy.  And Cadbury eggs are almost at the top...right behind Reeses Eggs.  Easter or not whenever these suckers magically appear I always have to buy them.

Kids React To Guns N' Roses

Moments I'm Grateful For
3. Pedicure
4. Random friends made in the Stockyards
5. Laying on the couch all day watching Shameless
6. Drinking wine & watching the sunset from my balcony
7. Getting my Old Chicago St. Patrick's Day Mini Tour T-Shirt
8. Students being suspiciously well behaved
9. My grad class lasted only 1.5 hours instead of 2.5


  1. You're happier when you're eating -- that made me laugh! People would probably say the same thing about me! Hope today goes fast and ENJOY spring break!!!

  2. Your kids sure no the way to a girls heart-- food! your Monday looks super relaxing. I have never had a Moscow Mule. How are they?

    1. I really like them! I think they're really refreshing.

  3. Isn't it crazy how when one guy comes around it's like something gets sent out and then you all of a sudden have multiple guys and then it's like where were you two months ago when I was watching Friends and eating ice cream by myself on Saturday? And your comment on being on entertained watching the kids come in when the seats changed, that made me literally lol. Have a great weekend, good luck with the guy you're more into and enjoy your Spring Break!

    1. Right?! Like where were you when I wanted you & you had me?? Whatever I have a date with someone new on Sunday...and I date I still need to cancel for tonight. LOL I changed my desks again & I think now they're just getting annoyed with me. If they would just leave the desks the way I have them instead of messing with them then I wouldn't feel the need to move them as often. Have a great weekend!

  4. I'm so over dating, it's been horrible for me. Honestly, I just think it's not in the cards for me and I have to accept it. It is what it is. Hope you have a great spring break.

  5. Yay for spring break! Have an awesome week!!

  6. Lots going on the last week. I would be over dating too. I love that wine. Super good and cheap. Have a great Spring Break!

  7. I'm trying to damn hard to avoid those eggs. I got one a few weeks ago and paid $1.15 for it and it was soo good but I'm trying to be moderately healthy and well.. those eggs are NOT part of that plan. It's really the worst.

  8. HAPPY SPRING BREAK! Also, Cadbury eggs are just the best.

  9. Before I met my husband, a guy did something similar to me. I didn't hear from him for a while, then he suddenly contacted me, as if we had always been talking. It made me suspicious.

  10. Damn I am glad my dating days are over. I am also glad I don't teach anymore. Cadbury eggs all the way.

  11. i actually forgot about march break (it's been busy at work) and was surprised at how fast it crept up. and i wish my coworkers would bring me food!!