Friday, March 3, 2017

In Like A Lamb?

For the first time in a few weeks I don't have plans that include leaving town or being busy all weekend.  I do have plans tonight, & tomorrow night, but I plan on spending all day Saturday & Sunday getting stuff done around my apartment & reading.  Linking up with Amanda!

What I Was Up To
Monday was the day this week that I felt fed up with the education system.  I won't go into specifics because it just is what it is, but I feel any former & current teachers can back me up & understand that the education system is not what it was 10 years ago...or even 5 years ago.  In general things have become a lot more testing/funding focused rather than actual learning & things are now all put onto teachers rather than say students...or even sometimes admin.  Approximately 1 year & 2 months until I graduate with my Master's & I can make a career decision.  I did apply for two internships with a athletic organization here so fingers crossed on those!

BLOG: I talked about my weekend in San Antonio.

Tuesday I stayed home sick.  Somewhere around 2 am I got the flu for the first time in I couldn't tell you how long.  Luckily I just got the 24 hour version not the 3-5 day version that is apparently also going around.  It was so rough though.  I don't care that I'm 28, all I wanted was for my mama &/or daddy to live closer so that someone could take care of me.  At the very least I wanted/needed someone to bring me groceries.  I was so desperate that morning that I almost even considered texting Mr. Tattoo Hater because he's the only person I could think of that was relatively close & doesn't work during the day.  I did not text him by the way.  Instead, for the first time ever I had groceries delivered to my house.  (See things I'm loving below.)  Of course they didn't show up until 5 that day so I spent the day sleeping, nibbling on a bagel I did have, & drinking water.

BLOG: Instead of Throwback Thursday I instituted Throwback Tuesday & reminisced about the 90s.

Wednesday I probably could have gone to work for the second half of the day but ultimately I was glad that best friend talked me into taking the day off.  I needed it to recouperate.  I slept in & then laid in bed a little longer still.  I finally got up, showered, & FINALLY finished reading the Left Behind book I was working on.  It was only due back to the library Feb 14 after the max number of renews.  I have the next one checked out too that's due back on the 9th.  I'm hoping to knock it out this weekend so I don't have to pay any late fees on that one too.  Anyway, I tried going to Old Chicago for lunch because I needed to get out of the house & wanted real food so I figured why not get another day checked off on my mini tour.  It was so exhausting.  Seriously, I had planned on going to Target afterwards to pick some stuff up but I was so worn out that I had to go home & take a nap first.  After my nap I did finally make it to Target.  While there I picked up some Mrs. Myers dishsoap that Nadine had recommended & some Soap & Glory Body Wash that I don't remember who recommended.  (Sorry!  If it was you let me know & I'll fix it!!)  I haven't tried either yet because I'm still using up the last of both that I already had but I can't wait to try them.  I watched some Shameless & then called it an early night.

BLOG: Confession Time!!

Thursday is no lie my favorite day of the week.  Besides weekends obviously.  But as far as weekdays go, it's my favorite.  It's my longest day for sure but the one with guaranteed adult interaction.  I had my formal observation which as far as I know went well.  I mean I can't guarantee AWESOMENESS happened but the kids were well behaved & all did their work.  Without even asking me what my best class was, my AP miraculously picked my best class, on the day we were starting a project, during the second half.  That meant that the kids were great, they were all working because the project just started, & I had already finished explaining so I was just monitoring & helping as needed.  (My "goal" is for students to be more self sufficient & to get there by managing time & expectations during BINGO!)  That night I had to give a presentation in my ethics class.  And by presentation I really just mean I got to sit in my spot & lead the discussion on a chapter.  I then also went up to the front, brought up some articles blah blah.  I can stand in front of 800 seniors & faculty and talk no problem.  You put my in a classroom with 10-20 of my peers & ask my to lead a discussion...I'm a mess.  Afterwards Katherine & I went out like always.

BLOG: March is finally here so I shared my Spring Goals.

Things I Found Funny

Things I'm Loving
This seriously saved my butt on Tuesday.  (See above).  For those of you who have never done grocery delivery but would like to try it, I might be late to the party, you should check them out.  The app is free & the delivery fee on your first order is waved.  Plus, if you enter my referral code: BKAY20317E you & I will both get $10!  It's honestly not something I would use ALL the time because I actually like grocery shopping, but for times when I'm sick, really busy, or just plain lazy, it'd definitely come in handy.

Moments I'm Grateful For
24. Leaving work early to head to San Antonio for the weekend 
25. Seeing Aaron Watson at the San Antonio Rodeo
26. Buc-ees
27. A department at work that has my back
28. Grocery delivery
1. Having enough remaining paid days off to take an additional sick day to rest
2. Getting my formal observation during my best behaved class


  1. I have always wanted to try grocery delivery, sounds like the way to go when you can't get out. Sorry you were sick, that is just the worst! Hope you are feeling much better now :)

  2. I'm determined to start grocery delivery. Even with a fee, it's gotta be cheaper than all the cookies and fruit snacks I pay for that the boys keep throwing in the cart while we walk around. They snack on $10 worth a food before we even leave the store.

    1. LOL the delivery fee is probably cheaper than the extras *I* end up buying just because I'm there.

  3. Fingers crossed on those internships! The flu is no bueno, I'm glad you only had the 24 hour version, and I felt so bad for you when you were describing your dire grocery situation, I'm glad you were eventually able to get something. Enjoy your relaxing weekend!

    1. Thank you! I actually applied for a different one today that I REALLY want & then contacted the organization about it so hopefully that helps.

  4. Ugh. I've been having some really tough weeks in education lately, too. Glad that your AP popped in for a good class! Totally a win. Makes up for the bug you caught. :(

  5. Grocery delivery! What a genius idea! I know those services are out there, but I would not have thought of that. I've rediscovered pizza delivery in the past few months, and I wish that online order + delivery was an option for everything.

    1. I totally agree. You should be able to order everything online & have it sent to you.

  6. I'm sorry you were dealing with a bug this week. That stinks!!!

  7. Way to rock your observation! It's always a relief once they're over.
    I get groceries delivered all the time here, only we can't get them to come directly to our apartments, so I still have to walk 10 minutes up and then 10 minutes back for them. It's much better than going to the grocery store, though!

  8. That Scar meme though. :D
    I hope you're feeling better now.

    Yeah, I've always thought there's something wrong with the education system. I mean there are great schools but I think we need to prepare the students more about taking life as a winner, or educate them more into business than just preparing them to be an employee, you know?

    Have a great week ahead!

  9. Bummer that you were sick!! I need to try Instacart! I hope you had a relaxing weekend!

  10. Love the recap!! I had the flu too, my first time since like 1999 or something crazy. I was out of commission for most of Feb. It all feels like a blur.