Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Only 90s Kids Will Remember

First of all, I hate those posts.  Why?  Well because I didn't have cable until 2007 when I went to college.  That means I know about almost none of the stuff they post in those articles because I didn't have access to Nick & all of that fun stuff.  Ok pity party over...

About a month ago Steph & Nadine both did a fun little survey about the 90s.  As an avid lover of the 90s, I had to play along.

I was born in 1988, October 23 to be exact.  The 90s was basically my adolescence.  I rang in the 90s at the ripe age of 1 & was 11 when the 2000s came about.

Favorite Disney Film
The Fox & The Hound
The Little Mermaid is my favorite princess movie though

Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie
None because again, I didn't have cable until 2007

Favorite Music Artist
Backstreet Boys.  I once hyperventilated on my way into one of their concerts.  No shame.

Favorite Candy
The pink & purple nerds or the watermelon laffy taffy with the fake black seeds

Favorite Game (Board/School/Etc)
My favorite board game was Life

In school I loved playing dodgeball

Favorite McDonalds Happy Meal Toy
The beanie babies of course.  Beanie babies pretty much ran the 90s.

Favorite Book
The Little House on the Prarie series & the Babysitters Club Series.  In like the 1st grade my friend & I were so obsessed that we tried to start our own club.  Because obviously people were going to hire 7 year olds to watch their kids...

Favorite Show
Does the entire TGIF line up count??  If not it's a tie between Full House & Boy Meets World.  Sabrina & Step by Step were up there too.  Yeah, I stand by my original choice of the entire line up.

Weirdest Fashion Trend
Platform shoes.  Thanks a lot Spice Girls... I actually owned a pair of these, except in bright blue.


  1. The Fox & the Hound is the best! I actually have a (long) wishlist of future tattoos, and Tod & Copper are on that list!

  2. We had cable for like 6 months when I was a kid and then it was too expensive and we went back to the standard channels: CBS, NBC (which didn't come in), and PBS. I watched The Nanny, Everybody Loves Raymond, and a lot of Sesame Street. So I feel you on being out of touch.

  3. I went to a BSB concert when I was 24; my husband (then boyfriend) got me tix and he came with me....imagine - he was 28, I was 24 and we were at the concert with all the kids....while all the parents were in the Parent room LOLOLOLOL

  4. haha who actually likes dodgeball?! You're crazy! I totally forgot about those watermelon laffy taffy things with the seeds, what where those seeds even made of?

  5. Platform shoes - ahh! I had a pair of platform flip flops once, I'm glad that phase didn't last lol! I LOVE The Fox and The Hound!

  6. The Fox & the Hound is precious! The Little Mermaid is my sister's favorite princess movie too.
    My favorite gym sport was when we would play hockey - it was always so much fun!
    TGIF was the best! I feel like my most favorite shows from growing up were either PBS kids programming or TGIF programming, but Boy Meets World is my favorite :)

    1. Hockey was a good one too! Mostly I just hated the basketball & running units. The rest I loved. I watched a lot of Arthur growing up haha.

  7. Yesss- this post takes me BACK. I was such a Babysitter's Club fan and OMG BSB. I still go to their concerts because NOSTALGIA. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  8. I was also born in 1988, and we didn't have cable for many years. Heck, I didn't get a cell phone until I graduated high school in 2006. I remember people going crazy over Beanie Babies...the people who thought they would be worth thousands of dollars someday. I heard stories about people buying Happy Meals to get the Mini Beanies and throwing the food out. Or adults shoving kids around in stores so they could grab certain Beanies.

  9. I love the 90's! That TGIF line up was THE BEST!

  10. I loved The Babysitter's Club sooo much. I had most of the dolls and the videos! (Did you have those, the ones with the theme song "Say hello to your friends, Babysitter's Club!" SO GOOD hahaha.) And I loved Life too! Doing fake adult things is way more exciting than actually trying to adult now.

    1. I don't think I actually owned any of the videos but I would always have my parents rent them at the video store lol. I also just learned that the BSC movie is apparently on Netflix so that's happening this weekend.