Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February Confessions

**In case I haven't already mentioned it...I started online dating again...get ready for some shit show posts**

**This is week 3 of grad school & I'm thinking I may have been a bit ambitious to attempt 3 grad school classes while working full time**

**In just 10 days I move into my own place & what am I most excited about?  Not having to deal with people who don't know how to properly load a dishwasher**

**People who can't hold a conversation make me want to pull my teeth out**

**My dream Super Bowl celebration this year would just be people bringing me all the delicious, bad for you food & then going home**

**Mostly I don't want to drive anywhere & it's not really my house to throw anything/I don't want to hang out with my roommates**

**Whenever I get my tax refund I split it up 50-30-20.  50% goes on bills, 30 % goes into savings, & then I can use the other 20% for whatever I want...I'm getting another tattoo with this one**

**I have a feeling February is going to simultaneously be extremely fun & extremely stressful**

**I fell down the rabbit hole that is my own Facebook page the other night & I want to know when I stopped being so fun & carefree all the time**

**Sometimes I really miss living in Houston**


  1. Bha ha ha, bring you all the good food, then go home; cracks me up!!

    1. LOL but for real...I just want to eat all the food without having to make/buy it all.

  2. I'm looking forward to transitioning into my own place mid-February. I would also like people to bring me Super Bowl snacks and then leave.

  3. I need to get on my taxes, still waiting on some paperwork though. Fingers crossed I'm right at 0 though, nothing owed, nothing coming back!

  4. When I look at my On This Day on FB, I am often very glad I'm not that same whiny-ass. Ugh, 20-something Megan was a drama-llama. That said, my circumstances didn't help.

    I have to ignore dishwashers every where. The minute I inspect the work of someone else, I have to rearrange everything.

  5. YAY for your own place. That is super exciting!

  6. My Superbowl plans are grabbing a crave case from White Castle and some beer and watching the commercials and the puppy bowl (obvi) lol. That's a great system for your tax refund. I may have to adopt it, because usually I just do 50% to savings and 50% towards a vacation! Good luck with those grad classes and the move!

  7. OOOO I want to hear more about the dating! Bring on the posts!