Monday, January 30, 2017

Saying Goodbye To January

Linking up with Biana!

There's a chance I left work 30 minutes early.  Having the last period of the day off is weird.  Like it's awesome because I get to end my day in peace & quiet.  But I also feel a tad in limbo because the people that have the other periods off are allowed to go run errands & such during their conference...but I feel like it'd be frowned upon if I just left work at 1:20 to run errands or whatever since I wouldn't be coming back.  But, on Friday I decided to stay for the first hour of my conference & then duck out the last 30 minutes & head up to Old Chicago.  I got myself some fried pickles & drank a couple of beers while I read an article on communications ethics.  When I got home I took a bubble bath, watched an episode of Shameless, & then pretty much went to bed.  It was like 9:30-9:45 when I turned off Netflix & called it a night.

When I woke up I decided to tackle blogs from the week.  I had read almost 0 all week so I caught up on pretty much all of them that had been posted Tue-Fri & then when I got that far just hit mark all as read.  I had a massage appointment at 1 so I shaved my legs so the person wouldn't be disgusted by me & then was on my way.  The massage was alright.  It wasn't the worst one I've ever had but it certainly wasn't the best.  As I was getting dressed I was convinced I had somehow lost my socks.  I was going nuts trying to figure out where they were.  They weren't in my bag, they weren't on the floor, they were nowhere to be found.  So I said screw it, put my boots on without socks, cringed, & went to my car.  I emptied out my bag...still no socks.  Luckily I have a bunch of shoes in my trunk so I grabbed some sandals & put those on because boots without socks grosses me out.  I headed to Old Chicago again so that I could finish up the current mini tour.  On the way to OC I found one of my socks in the leg of my pants but still no sign of the other.  I ate some lunch, drank some beers, read more communications ethics, & got my free shirt.  I talked to my friend for awhile on the phone & then just couldn't sleep so I stayed up until midnight making myself cry from laughing so hard at tumblr.  It wasn't until I was getting ready for bed & took my jeans off that I found the other sock as it fell out of my pants.  Finally at midnight I made myself go to sleep.

I had so many plans of being productive.  I wasn't really.  I had an appointment to donate blood at 10 & was finally successful at it.  Not that I really try all the time but the last couple of times I have tried I've been turned away because my iron is too low so I've been taking supplements.  I made a trip to the grocery store & also to my storage unit so I could get my crayons for my students.  In between trips I spent a lot of time on the phone with above said friend.  The only thing I cooked this weekend was Santa Fe Chicken for suppers/lunches this week.  I ordered a couple more textbooks for grad school & also finally ordered a new charger for my phone with a 6 foot cord since mine is a POS anyway.  I'm super excited about the have no idea.  I also started to file my taxes, & if my school's website was working properly I could have finished them.  Hopefully they get the page fixed today because all I really have left to do for my taxes is add in the tuition I paid last semester & then I'm done.  I love getting my taxes done ASAP.  Like by the time the middle of January rolls around I start getting impatient waiting on my W2 forms.


  1. Glad you worked out your weekend plan. :)

  2. Any type of massage is better than none LOL! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I like getting taxes done adap too! Sweet weekend girl! Here's to a great week ahead!!

    1. I love being able to have something crossed off my checklist! Hope you're having a great week!

  4. Fried pickles are my jam! I pretty much want them all the time! Haha. I love getting my taxes done early too! Right now I'm waiting on a 1109 form though, which is so annoying!

  5. Your Friday sounded perfect! Sucks your massage wasn't great but hopefully you were able to relax a bit!

  6. That would be a weird situation to leave early, but not really early since you have a free period anyway. I haven't had fried pickles since university, there was this amazing wing place that had 90-some flavours of wing sauce and amazing fried pickles.