Tuesday, December 27, 2016

101 in 1001 #3 - 1.5 Years In

A year & a half ago I started my 3rd 101 in 1001 list.  I've been working on one 101 list or another for basically 7 years now.  I started my very first one back on Jan 1, 2010.  In some ways I've gotten smarter with my list, in other ways I haven't.  I feel like I was most realistic with this list, although there's still room for improvement.  However, that doesn't mean I've been doing super awesome with this list.  As a genera rule of thumb you should complete 3 tasks a month in order to stay on track.  That means I should have 54 tasks done right now.  I have started pulling my seasonal & birthday goals from this list in an attempt to finish more but I'm still not where I should be.

1. Begin 101 in 1001
2. Have student loan debt at 60k or less
3. Fall in love
4. Workout weekly
5. Project 365 2015
6. Project 365 2016
7. Project 365 2017
8. 50 Book Challenge 2015
9. 50 Book Challenge 2016
10. 50 Book Challenge 2017

11. Volunteer Monthly
12. Drink a half gallon of water daily
13. Spend NYE with someone special every year
14. Donate $1 for every failed goal
15. 30 Day Fitness Challenge
16. Go to a psychic
17. Save change for 1001 days
18. Go zombie paintballing
19. Go to Harry Potter World
20. 52 week money challenge

21. Try 101 new bars/restaurants
22. Donate to Locks of Love
23. Pay off my car
24. Run 3 new races
25. Visit Niagara Falls
26. Get motorcycle license
27. Go kayaking
28. Track spending for a month
29. Host a cocktail party
30. Attend Daytona 500

31. Visit 3 museums
32. Road trip
33. Attend MLB All Star game
34. Choose an actor & watch all of their movies
35. Create recipe book from Pinterest
36. Send monthly handwritten cards/letters
37. Attend trivia night
38. Visit a new country
39. Make homemade bread
40. Watch all Best Picture movies 2005-2015

41. Go to Disney
42. Donate blood 6 times
43. Visit Makers Mark Distillery
44. Save $500
45. Frontier Days
46. Renew passport
47. Visit West Coast
48. Travel to Europe
49. Host a themed dinner party
50. Go to an outdoor movie

51. Go ziplining
52. Keep 6 word a day journal for 6 months
53. Write a letter to open on day 1001
54. Buy a house
55. Attend Austin City Limits
56. Talladega
57. Stone Mountain - Georgia
58. Food Festival
59. Photograph the same spot each season
60. Make a pie on Pi Day

61. Bake something new each month
62. Visit 3 new MLB ballparks
63. Attend 6 MLB games
64. Brazilian wax
65. Get lasik
66. Run 1/2 marathon
67. Sing karaoke
68. Visit Kristin
69. Pay off credit cards
70. Go a year without a car payment

71. Watch 2 movies in a theater in 1 day
72. Make a year in pictures album
73. Don't watch TV for a week
74. Write a song
75. Attend a Civil War reenactment
76. Visit an old teacher
77. Listen to a new artist each month
78. Make AZ playlist
79. Learn to do a backflip
80. Host NYE party

81. Watch the sunrise on NYD
82. Make a list of what I want in love
83. Visit Grand Canyon
84. Build a snowman
85. Hike Appalachian Trail
86. Send Christmas cards every year
87. Dance in the rain
88. 30 miles in 30 days
89. Document music taste over a year
90. Visit Nashville

91. Take a selfie on the first of every month
92. Go a month without buying anything unnecessary
93. Travel to 10 new cities
94. Canoe
95. Finish a 1000 piece puzzle
96. Visit Grand Portage State Park
97. Hike the Ice Age Scenic Trail
98. Go back to school
99. Watch all of Netflix playlist
100. Go on a date once a month
101. Make a new 101 in 1001 list

Passed: 19
In Progress: 14
Failed: 13
Not Yet Started: 55

I've already started making my 4th 101 in 1001 list.  At the end of my 4th 101 I'll have been doing these lists for just short of a decade.  I'll be 32.  I may or may not do another one after that.  But I do know that for my 4th I want to be way more realistic than I have in the past.  I also want to constantly look at it/edit it/come up with ideas over the next 15 months because I want the goals to not only be realistic but I want to care about them.  Hike the Ice Age Scenic Trail is great & all but it's in Wisconsin.  I would be going to Wisconsin just to do this...  I grew up pretty close to the Wisconsin border in Minnesota.  It's not a place I care to vacation to.  Finish a 365 photo challenge/50 book challenge?  Those have been "goals" since 2010 & not once have I finished one... they won't make list 4 either.  I also want them to be more clear cut.  Document music taste over a year?  First of all why?  Second of all, how??  

Coming up with 101 goals isn't hard, coming up with 101 goals that you actually care about & are possible to complete within a 2.5-3 year span is.  I know some people will change their goals once the list has already begun but I refuse.  I mean I get it, things change, especially over that much time.  There are things that are no longer possible, or you no longer care about.  However, I refuse to change my list because then I'm not really accomplishing the 101 goals I set out for myself, I'm just accomplishing 101 things over a set time span.  Which, don't get me wrong, that in itself is impressive.  But then why would I sit here & pour over a specific list only to change it?  I understand & respect the concept but changing it just isn't for me.


  1. I love the idea of a list like this!

  2. I agree, it's the coming up with ones you care about that's hard. You have to know why you want to do it, and I feel like any '365' challenges like photo a day are ALWAYS failures. Because it looks good on a list, but it doesn't actually mean anything. I have a small list going already for round 3, which is awhile away before I start it. But at least I'll know it's all stuff I really want to check off!
    I do change my lists :) Not by many, I've only changed 2 on the one I'm working on now and I've kept them similar to what I originally had. It helps me stay motivated when I can tweak things as necessary. The more I think 'well I won't finish this one anyway' the more likely I am to quit the list altogether. I have a perfection problem.