Monday, September 5, 2016

The Long Weekend That Wasn't

I hope that y'all are having an amazing long weekend!  For the first time in possibly my entire life I didn't have a long weekend for Labor Day.  My first 22 years I was in school & the last 4 I taught school.  However, this year while I am back in grad school, I'm not a teacher anymore & I don't work in a normal 9-5 setting.  Instead I work at a bar/restaurant so while I got Friday & Sunday off, I worked Saturday & also today.

I got up early for the first time in a really long time so that I could be at substitute orientation from 8-12.  On my way to orientation I stopped at FunkyTown Donuts for breakfast checking off a restaurant on my Fort Worth Food list.  There's a good chance that I woke up early & sat through 4 hours of orientation for nothing.  Turns out I need to have a local number in order to be on the call list & considering I already have a different sub job, if they can't make an exception I'll just get removed from their list.  I'm not going to change my number that I've had for over a decade nor am I going to get a second number just for a subbing job when I already have another.  After orientation I tried going to the library but turns out they're closed on Fridays.  So instead I went home, repainted my nails, & watched SEAL Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden for the Fall Film Challenge.  That night I met up with my former co-workers for happy hour & then went to the first football game of the season at the school I had taught at.  I got to see so many of my old students/athletes which made me both sad and happy.  Seeing them was great but having them all rush up & hug me, telling me how much they miss me & want me to come back almost brought me to tears on more than once.

Saturday was a pretty chill day.  I went grocery shopping for the week & then made a crsipy parmesan garlic chicken recipe I got from Tiff.  I spent the rest of the day watching Seeking a Friend for the End of the World & Superstar for the fall film challenge.  That evening I went to work.  On Saturdays there is a band or DJ at work so it was packed. However, for as many people as there were I made next to no money simply because most of them came in just to dance & get drinks from the bar.  I got royally pissed off when a table refused to tip me on their $50 tab because they couldn't watch the game they wanted to on TV because the TVs had already been requested by other customers.  Other than that table though, & the fact that despite being there from 6-2 I made less than $80, work wasn't bad.  It went by fast & I kept busy.

Sunday morning when I woke up I made myself some cheesy scrambled eggs & bacon and coffee so   I could sit down to start hours of training modules for one of my classes.  That night I got to hang out with my former co-workers for drinks & dinner at Jessica & Caleb's house.  I'm so glad that I still get to see these people because I miss working with them so much.


  1. Those people were very rude, that was no good reason to not tip you anything at all. If they wanted to make sure that they didn't miss the game, they should have watched at someone's house.

  2. Ugh, sorry to hear about the orientation and lack of tips, that sucks. But the rest of the weekend doesn't seem too bad! What did you think of Seeking a Friend? I just watched that last night for the film challenge as well!