Friday, September 2, 2016

And Just Like That It's September

I painted my nails...yet again.  This time the color is Steel Gray.  I'm ready for my fall like colors. 

Since my one roommate works during the day, & as of right now I only work nights, I told him the other night that I'd hang out with his dog while I was home so that he didn't have to stay cooped up in his bedroom.  That's Hogan.

Grad school started.  My first class was short because it was basically an introduction to what the class would be & who each of us are.  I really like the professor so far & the class seems like it'll be interesting & challenging but nothing over the top.

I have class with my friend/former co-worker Emily so after class we went out for happy hour since we got out early & were both hungry.  Calamari gets me every time.

I  got my 2nd book from the library.  It was an easy read so I finished it all in one day.  I have another one on it's way to the library.


  1. Happy long weekend angel and congrats on grad school starting, I know you're going to ace it even though I know it's a lot of work, you'll do great! I absolutely love the gray on your nails super great color for fall!

    1. Thank you so much!! This is the first time in probably forever that I don't actually get a long weekend. I work Sat & Mon.

  2. How was the book? I almost added it to my TBR last night, but wasn't sure. I was looking for WW2 from the German perspective books, so my goodreads looks like I'm pretty much a Nazi.