Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Slippery Slope

I moved to the Dallas Fort Worth area in August of 2015.  I had such great plans.  I had a Pinterest board of ideas...places to eat, things to do, bucket list items to check off!  Then, life happened.  School started & not only was I teaching full time, but I was also coaching full time from October-May.  There just wasn't enough time in the day.  I vowed at the end of the school year that this year would be different.  So I sat down. looked at my Pinterest boards, & created Fort Worth Food, Dining in Dallas, & Fun in DFW.  I even created an Instagram acount to track & promote all of these awesome places: FoodFunFortWorth  These three lists contain a total of 16 activities & 86 restaurants.  Here we are, almost October, & I have been to 3 of the restaurants & done 0 of the activities.  Now granted, I have been to a couple of places that didn't make the list, but still.  I'm on that downward slope again & something has got to give.  I have very little time, & more so money, for fun.  I am working at a bar/restaurant which takes up anywhere from 4-6 nights of my week (weekends most definitely included), attend class one night a week, & occasionally sub.  I also just picked up another job, which will eventually take over my current serving job & hopefully subbing as well at some point.  My point is, my only real free time, which there is a very small amount of, is during the day...when normal people, aka my friends, work.  I also am not currently making enough to go eat at all of these restaurants & do all of these fun things.  However, something has got to give.  If not, I'm going to get real stressed & depressed real fast.

The only way to change this, is to make a conscious effort to do something about it.  And that, is my plan.  Now granted, I don't want all of my free time spent running around, because sometimes one just needs to do nothing.  My plan though is to start with the free stuff, and the cheap stuff, & at least one day a week...go.  Even if it means doing these things alone sometimes.  Because I cannot spend one more week either at work, school, or at my house not seeing people & doing things.  Every so often, I'm not going to commit myself to monthly, but every so often I plan on checking back in here & talking about the new things I've done in that time span.

Also, if anyone lives in, or will be visiting, the DFW area hit me up & we can explore together!


  1. If you're venturing out alone anyway, I would just ask any restaurant/place you really want to try if they'll give you a free item or a discount for instagram promotions :)

  2. The restaurant one is hard because personally I hate eating in public alone. But it looks like a lot of the fun things on your list could be done solo, like the gardens and museums. Sites like Living Social and Groupon offer discounted prices on events/places/restaurants too. And maybe check your library- mine currently has free museum passes to anyone with a library card. It's worth a shot!

  3. Agree with what Stephanie said up there! Never know what someone might offer up if they know they're going to get some publicity :) I hope you can get out and find some time for fun soon. I understand the feeling of needing to get out and do things more though... being cooped up with a baby can be isolating, but I know I need to make the effort myself. Thanks for motivating me to get out and do something FUN soon :)