Monday, September 26, 2016

Work Work Work Work

(This basically sums up my weekend week)

Are y'all ready for the most redundant, least exciting recap I have ever done?

As soon as I woke up got my butt out of bed I made my way downstairs, made coffee, stuffed a couple of cinnamon crescent rolls in my mouth, & sat down so I could continue working on a lit review for my online class.  Group projects are already the worst.  Even worse is when it's a group project for an online class.  Even worse still is when no one in your group can communicate.  I sat down & worked on that for about an hour until I got bored distracted & decided to start responding to blog comments as well as reading blogs...and starting this post.  I've said it on here before but I'm a procrastinator to the core.  If anyone knows how to make this stop please let me know & I'll work on solving that...later of course.  I did eventually get back to working on the lit review once all blogs had been read & commented on.  If I didn't have to use two different gmail accounts in order to blog & work on the paper I could have done them at the same time...

That evening brought work.  I don't normally work Fridays.  In fact when I started I was told that we had a set schedule so that there would be no questions as to when we worked & not knowing until the last minute.  Because of this I didn't find it as annoying that our schedules wouldn't get posted until Wednesday, even though they're supposed to be done on Sunday & our schedules run Thur-Wed. That's not a problem when you already know exactly what days/times you work because the schedule is set.  However, this Wed when the schedule went up everyone's schedule had changed.  I normally have Tuesdays off for class & then Fridays/Sundays off just because I wasn't scheduled.  This time I was scheduled Thur-Mon.  I'm pretty sure I only got the Wed off because I had requested it off... This suddenly meant that everything I had planned on getting & Sunday had to be put off/cancelled.  This meant I couldn't meet up with my friend to start working on an assignment for our other class.  This meant I couldn't go the the football game at my old job.  This meant I couldn't go out & talk to businesses about getting a new job because of what times they want people to come in & when I needed to be at work.  This better mean that I actually start making more in tips...

I made decent money, and I'm going to tell you exactly what I walked out of there with because what I consider a decent night at work is sad.  I walked out with $88.  That is the second highest amount I've ever walked out of there with.  I did the math & in order to pay all my bills I need to make at least $95/night...and that's not having any fun & doesn't take into account that when I move in February I'll need an additional $150 month for rent/utilities.  I'm still applying places, & also praying that it picks up where I currently work.  I'm not asking for a lot.  $600-800/week would pay all my bills and allow for some fun/savings.

In other news, I "lost" my keys after work.  They somehow got put into a pocket I never put them into & didn't even know really existed.  So of course when I couldn't find them immediately panic set in which made it even harder for me to find them.  It didn't help that it was 2:30-3 in the morning... so I called AAA hoping they were locked in my car...they weren't going to be there until 4 am.  I called my roommate to unlock the house so that if they weren't in my car I could still get in if I got an Uber home.  He said he'd just come bring me my spare set.  So I sat at work & dug through my purse one more time...and there they were.  Luckily my roommate hadn't left yet & was awake when I called.

Saturday was rather uneventful.  I had plans on waking up at 8, but after not getting home until nearly 4 am I reset the alarm for 10.  I reluctantly woke up & made a pot of coffee to help me get through the day.  I finished the rough draft version of my lit review for class & then got ready for work.  Since I started at 4 I was mentally preparing to convince someone to switch cuts with me so that I could stay until close because I need the money.  Lucky for me, no one got cut so I just got to stay until close.  Before we were all on we rotated tables & stayed relatively busy.  Once all of the servers had showed up though we were put into sections & mine wasn't a super popular one so I spent a fair amount of time running other people's food.  I had a table here & there but nothing crazy.  At one point though I got a 35 top party & that lasted me pretty much the rest of the night.  Once they left I had enough tables to keep me busy until we finally closed at 2.  I made more than I ever have in the month that I've worked there.  It still wasn't anything crazy, $120 after tip outs, but it made me happy that I actually made some money there for once.  Because we had been super busy I didn't get home until nearly 4 am again.

I didn't even pretend I was going to get up at 8.  I had my alarm set for 10, plans for brunch with friends at noon, & work at 2.  I had the worse sinus headache ever when I woke up.  It took nearly everything to even get through a shower.  Between the allergy medicine & the hot shower I luckily started to feel better.  I met up with my friends/former co-workers for brunch at Cafe Brazil.  While at brunch I got a call from work saying that it was extremely slow so I didn't need to come in.  I was a little let down because money, but mostly not let down because I had two back to back late nights, I got to spend more time with my friends, & I was able to get stuff done as well as relax.  I had one nail peel at work on Saturday so I peeled the rest of them off & repainted my nails, looked into school districts to apply to at semester/next year, went grocery shopping, & just relaxed at home.  That evening I got a phone call for a job interview at a different restaurant.  Fingers crossed I get it!!


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    1. I got the job! I have to earn my way to server though.

  2. I have procrastinating problems, too. Let's come up with a solution...later. (Bad joke, ha ha).

  3. Fingers and toes crossed for you!! Better days lie ahead.

  4. I hope you get the job!! Good luck!!

  5. Love your nails! Fingers crossed you get the job! <3

  6. I hope the interview goes well! Do you participate in Swagbucks or any other online rewards sites? I used to make about $2 per day on Swagbucks...not much, but it's decent fun money. You redeem your bucks in gift cards of your choice. I would still do it except I already look at a computer for work, and I don't want to do more work when I come home.