Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer is 1/3 Over

A month ago I posted my 10 goals for the summer.  In order to keep myself more accountable (you saw how I was doing with my 101 in 1001) I wanted to check in with how I'm doing on the blog.

1. Attend 2 concerts (1/2) -- On June 23 I went to the Whiskey Myers concert with Alicia

2. Don't use credit card for 1 month (Done!) -- I want it to be known that this is the first time this has ever happened since probably August 2012.  My new plan is to see just how long I can go without using it because the balance on my card is no joke.

3. Read 6 books (3/6) -- I've read Me Before You, My Life Next Door, & Just Kids

4. Get to goal weight -- I'm just not even going to check this until I get back to Texas.  I hate my parents' scale.

5. Have tarot read -- Not yet.

6. Average 10k steps over a month (Fail) -- I know I know it could still happen but my fitbit started being a little brat & wouldn't always sync, or would stop reading steps even though it wasn't dead, so I just stopped wearing it.  Therefore I have no true way of knowing.  I do know though that while I was wearing it I was averaging between 5-6k steps a day soo I wasn't really close anyway.

7. Start learning Spanish -- Yes.  I haven't been doing it every single day like I planned but I am doing it most days.  I never go more than a day without doing it & I've probably only missed a 2-3 all summer.

8. Start learning guitar -- I don't know why I haven't started this.  When summer started my plan was going to be do a Duolingo lesson everyday as well as devote a bit of time to learning guitar.

9. Finish 1000 piece puzzle -- I've started one, & I know already it's missing pieces.  I got it used for 50 cents.  I'm debating if I want to finish this one (not only is it missing pieces but it's a hard picture y'all) or if I want to go get a different one.

10. Outdoor movie -- Not yet


  1. I've attended NO concerts yet, well, I wanted mine to be outdoors also, but I'm working on it. Our local park does a new concert each week. Local groups, but they're outside & a fun evening. I just need to find a friend and finally head out!

  2. Looks like you're doing pretty darn good and enjoying your summer. Why oh why does it go so fast? Proud of you for not using your CC. I need To make that a goal of mine. ;-)

    1. Being at my parents' place, not having people to hang out with whenever I want, & not having a million places nearby to spend money is definitely helping. I'm hoping I can keep it up at least until I go back to Texas if not longer.

  3. the puzzle..that makes me LOL because we carry a 5000 piece puzzle to our summer house every year. Each of us will stop by if we happen to walk by the room/table and do a few pieces or we'll all be crowded over the table trying to figure it out while getting frustrated and swearing at it.

  4. Looks like you're ahead or on track to finish most of your goals- awesome! Missing pieces would drive me nuts, but then again I'm not that great at puzzles to begin with! Seeing an outdoor movie is on my list too, so I made a list of all the local outdoor movies in the area and now it's just a matter of finding someone to go with me. Congrats on not using your cc for an entire month!