Monday, May 2, 2016

Tumbleweed Weekend In Houston & Then Some

I had planned on posting this last Monday but then I clearly didn't & it kept getting pushed aside & now here we get TWO weekend recaps in one!  Thanks Megan for reminding me that this is perfectly acceptable.

Friday 4/22
I had originally planned on leaving for Houston around 8 am so that I could spend time at my favorite park & around Tomball.  Well after all was said & done I didn't leave until about 9 but I was still there by 12:30.  Once I got there I went to the beauty school so I could get my nasty split ends taken care of.  They were busy.  So I went off to Tomball & found a place there.  Once my hair was done I didn't have enough time to look around Tomball & go to my favorite park so I opted for the park.  At 3 I met up with my friend Zach for happy hour at Cisco's.  I frequented that place for happy hour when I still lived down in Houston, especially when I lived in Tomball & it was less than a mile from my apartment.  The margaritas are cheap, strong, & cold.

After happy hour I rushed attempted to rush down into Houston to meet up with my friend Abby.  Houston traffic sucks.  Having lived there for 3 years I should have known that rushing anywhere around 5 pm on a Friday wasn't going to happen.  Eventually I arrived at the hotel, we got our room set up, drank & snacked a little, & then headed off to Firehouse Saloon to see Zane Williams & Aaron Copeland.  A couple of days earlier Zane Williams had been looking for people to sell his merch at the show & since we were planning on being there anyway we jumped at the chance.  The show was great & we had a lot of fun selling merch & talking to different people.  I tried teaching a guy from NYC to two step but it didn't work out the best...  At the end of the night we were both beyond ready for tacos so we got our uber to take us to Chachos.  So good!

Saturday 4/23
Our plan for Saturday: wake up, start drinking, go to brunch around 10, bar hop until about 3, go to the Astros game, go to dinner, go to Ray Wylie Hubbard.
What happened: we woke up, laid around, had a drink, got brunch around 11, & bar hopped the rest of the night completely missing the Astros game & Ray Wylie Hubbard.

Sunday 4/24
Sunday morning we woke up & slowly got ready for the day.  I had plans to meet up with my friend Meg for brunch.  We went to Los Cucos for their breakfast buffet.  So much good Mexican.  If I'm being really honest I mostly ate a shit ton of barbacoa with small sides of other things.  We just hung out and talked for a few hours at the restaurant.  I had lunch plans with someone else so as soon as I left here I was off to the north side to meet up with Mr. Fireman, remember him?  It had been a year & a half since we had last seen each other.  We met up at Buffalo Wild Wings, he watched basketball, I watched hockey, & we just caught up on life.  Once the games were over it was time for me to be on my way since I had a 3.5-4 hour drive back to Fort Worth.  I of course stopped at Bucees on my way home but I refrained from going crazy.  No new CD, no 6 pack of fudge, just a cup of coffee & some roasted pecans.

Friday 4/29
We were supposed to get a massive storm on Friday night (kind of like we were supposed to earlier in the week)  However, just like the previous storm nothing happened.  There was a short little thunderstorm and then it was all over.  I went grocery shopping so that I could do meal prep over the weekend.  Once I got home I sat on the couch listening to the thunderstorm & started watching Love on Netflix.

Saturday 4/30
Saturday started off with going to work from 8-12 for Saturday School (thoughts on this coming tomorrow)  It really wasn't too bad.  I was half hoping that no one would show so that I could turn around & go home.  However, a few kids did show & that meant I got paid so overall not a bad gig.

As soon as I was free from Saturday school I went home & changed so that I could get a long overdue pedicure.  Since it's so warm out I've been digging the bright colors.  I previously had hot pink & almost got something similar but decided to go with bright orange.  The color is ORLY Melt Your Popsicle.  What I'm really in need of is to have my fingernails fixed but they are so short & gross right now I just need to start painting them myself for awhile until they grow.

As soon as I got home I decided to do some meal prep.  Normally I make one, maybe two, meals to last me for the week.  However, this has been backfiring on me.  I make one thing & then far too often during the week find myself wanting something else & spend way too much on buying random snacks/meals.  So, I decided to make smaller batches of a few things this time.  I still had some tortellini pasta left so I decided to make crack dip, potato salad, armadillo eggs, & then combined a chicken & shrimp recipe.  Hopefully this will stop me from spending so much on food during the week.  I had plans of going to a nearby park to do some cardio but that didn't actually happen.  Instead I watched more of Love on Netflix.

Sunday 5/1
Since I had skipped cardio on Saturday, & am trying to stick to a 12 week workout program, I made Saturday my rest day & went to the park as soon as I got up & had my breakfast & coffee.  I had never actually gone to this park before.  The trail actually goes quite a ways.  The whole trail is 40 miles that goes through different parts of Fort Worth.  I only did 30 min on the trails.  I parked in the lot closest to my apartment & then when I got on the trail decided to take a right.  I stopped once I hit another parking lot & then turned around.  I could have continued on next to the road but I wasn't quite sure where that would take me & I didn't really feel like being by the road.  Next time I go I'm going to take a left & see how far/where that takes me.

When I got home I grabbed a trash bag, went through my closet & took the bag to Goodwill.  There is definitely more I could have/should have gotten rid of, but I figured that bag was a good start.  However, as soon as I got home I decided maybe I should have also gotten rid of most of my long sleeve stuff & random tshirts that I only have for sentimental reasons (races, the school I used to work at, one I found 5 years ago at WeFest)  Perhaps that can go the next time around.  I am really in need of a new wardrobe but I already feel like I have so many clothes.  The problem is, most of those clothes either don't get worn, or they aren't super versatile.  I own way more racer back tank tops than necessary.  And while I wear them, I don't own enough clothes for work, or for going out for say happy hour.  Plus, I have had a lot of those clothes since I was probably 20-21.  I am now 27.  I always used to justify it by telling myself that they still fit, they aren't damaged, & they are basic enough to stand the test of time.  However, it's time for a new wardrobe.

I finished watching Love on Netflix, got in some blogging, & finally started catching up on tv shows that I hadn't watched since December.  My roommate & her husband closed on their house on Friday, & while she still technically lives here this last month, I basically had the apartment all to myself for the weekend & it was wonderful.


  1. I feel like I need to meal prep more because this post made me hungry for a snack LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I had to pin some of those recipes. Also, never heard of armadillo eggs. Fun fact: we have armadillos in SC. It's weird to me.

    This is me catching up. Slowly. VERY slowly.

    Also, roomie got married quick, but glad they are outtie like a belly button!