Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Saturday School Thoughts

I am literally the only adult here

Did Saturday school get cancelled & no one informed me

Oh thank God another teacher

Yes!  I love that teacher!  We're in this together

Still no administrator...

Oh good we just set the alarms off & we can't get to the key pad

Soon it'll just be 2 teachers, 3 students, & the cops...

And we're in

Maybe no kids will show up for history & I can go home

1 kid...alright if I have to be here for 4 hours I better have more than 1 kid

Yay! A kid I know & love.

4 kids & only 1 came prepared...crap gotta improvise

Test!  I'll make them take last year's test!

Ugh why are state tests so long...it's too quiet!

1 hour down!

Might as well do my lesson plans while I'm here

State testing all week you say?  Movies all week I say

At least I'm getting paid today

What in the world am I going to do with these kids once they're done with the test & we've gone over it??

I a little bit hate the US History teacher right now for not leaving me the materials he said he would

Oh thank goodness 2 of them are done..good enough for me.

Game time!

1 hour left...now what...

Movie, we'll watch a movie...


Phew...finally I can go home...

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