Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sh*t My Students Say Vol. 16

Student to another student: Hey now!  Watch your language!  This is a PG area!

Student 1: Hey! You tricked me!
Student 2: Trix are for kids!

Student 1: I said a mouse sings better than you
Student 2: Yeah maybe a mouse that sings like an angel!

Student 1: You know what I meant!
Student 2: But that's not what you said!
Student 1: Student 3 come on you know what I meant!
Student 3: I was gonna go to bat for you but then you said that!  I can't believe you! My ears! I'm just a kid!

Directions: Write 6 sentences
Student: Does it have to be 6?
Me: Yes
Students: It can't be 4?

Student: Did that shark just eat a whole seal?!
Me: Haven't you seen Shark Week?
Student: I've see Shark Tales...

Student 1: Miss you look crazy...and tired
Student 2: I'm not gonna say that you look crazy but if I saw you on the street I'd cross to the other side

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